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The St. Ambrose Conference on Bible and Justice
May 30-June 2, 2013

More than 40 speakers made paper presentations exploring how Biblical texts might address modern justice concerns, especially in the areas of:
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  • Olegs Andrejevs, Loyola University: "What is the kingdom of God like and with what am I to compare it?" Women missionaries in Q 13:20-21 and Q 15:8-10"
  • Kevin Hall, Oklahoma Baptist University: "When Women Sing of War: Theological Reverberations of the Song of Hannah"
  • Micah D. Kiel, St. Ambrose University: "'Those He wanted...': The Use of Scripture in Church Documents about Ordination"
  • Joseph A. Marchal, Ball State University: "The Exceptional Proves Who Rules: Intersections and Exceptionalisms across Imperial Sites"
  • Ron Moe-Lobeda, University Lutheran Church, Seattle, WA: "The Mystery of Eve and Adam: A Prophetic Critique of the Monarchy"
  • Kelly J. Murphy, Augustana College, Rock Island, IL: "Gender, Justice, and Judges?: Reading with Reception History"
  • Sarah Parks, McGill University: "Q's Gendered Parallels: Egalitarian Innovation in the Earliest Jesus Movement"
  • Madison N. Pierce, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School: "With a Little Help from Paul's Friends: Romans 16 as Starting Point for the Women in Ministry debate
  • Tadd Ruetenik, St. Ambrose University: "Slavery, Justice, and Sacrifice: Understanding Toni Morrison's Beloved with Genesis 22"
  • Hilary Jerome Scarsella, Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary: "Gender, Power, and the Taking of Justice: Luke 8:40-56"


  • Mara Adams, St. Ambrose University: "Wrestling with the Angel: Memory, Justice, and Post-conflict Identity in Northern Ireland"
  • Eric D. Barreto, Luther Seminary: "Crafting Colonial Identities: Hybridity and the Roman Empire in Luke-Acts"
  • Thomas Carpenter, St. Ambrose University: "From Beyond the Veil: Du Bois' Double Consciousness in Daniel's 4th Empire"
  • Ethan Gannaway, St. Ambrose University: "Bringing Paul Back to Earth: A Late Antique Tomb and the 'Biblical Mystique'"
  • Jennifer Henry, Emmanuel College: "Theological and Biblical Animation for Indigenous Rights Solidarity in Canada"
  • Timothy Milinovich: "Imperialist Paradigms in Church and Household: Empire-critical Perspective on Power and Relationships in Colossians"
  • Elliot Ratzman, Swarthmore College: "Just and Unjust Zionisms in Recent Biblical Theology"
  • Jason Ripley, St. Olaf College: "Glorious Death, Roman Imperialism and the Gospel of John."
  • Chris Seeman, Walsh University: "'It Is Not Like This Among You' The Kingdom of God, Gentile Behavior, and the Sin of Empire in Mark's Gospel"
  • Valerie Stein, University of Evansville: "Empire-building for Jesus: Christian Rhetoric in Intercountry Adoption"
  • John B. Thompson, St. Ambrose University: "'Overlapping Consensus' between Christian Theology and Capability Theory"
  • Sarah Thompson, Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, "Building Partnerships to Transform Violence and Oppression: The Story of Christian Peacemaker Teams Intertwined with Acts 4:1-22"
  • Trisha Wheelock, Grand View University: "Empire and Esther: An Alternative Ethic"


  • Michael Barram, St. Mary's College of California: "What Is and What Ought to Be: Located Reflections on Economic Justice Values in Genesis 1-3 "
  • David J. Chalcraft, University of Sheffield: "On Naboth's Vineyard"
  • Matthew J.M. Coomber, St. Ambrose University: "'Those at Ease Have Contempt for Misfortune': Understanding Anti-Poor Sentiment through Biblical Texts."
  • Pat Finan, Center of Concern's Education for Justice Project: "Good News to the Poor: Walking in Solidarity toward Social Change"
  • Richard I. Frank, University of California-Irvine: "Forgive Us Our Debts"
  • Timothy Golden, West Chester University: "Making the Crooked Places Straight: Liberation Theology in Luke 3 and in Defensor Pacis"
  • Matt Lowe, Independent Scholar: "Being Conformed to His Death: Cruciform Spiritual Formation as a Response to Empire"
  • John Norton, Gamaliel Foundation: Title TBA
  • Christopher Porter, Loyola University: "The Sin of Sodom: A Warning for Consumer Society"
  • Aaron Sherwood, Roanoke College: "Neediness in the Land and the Poor Among Us: Deuteronomy 15 and Mark 14:3-9; Matthew 26:6-13"
  • Eric Stewart, Augustana College, Rock Island, IL: "The Spaces of Social Justice: Lived Space or Utopia?"
  • Ruth Whiteford, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO: "Poverty and Debt in Relation to the Sabbatical Year and Jubilee Year"


  • Caitlin Michelle Desjardins, Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary: "'Let the Earth Put Forth': Towards an Anabaptist theological response to terminator genes and the international struggle for seed sovereignty."
  • Christopher W. Dost, Sacred Heart University: "Toward a Zootheology of the Hebrew Scriptures: Considerations on the Place of Animals in Old Testament Theology"
  • Sean Friend, Iliff School of Theology: "Greening the Bible? Lectio Sacra and Ecological Catastrophe"
  • Robert Grant, St. Ambrose University: "And God Saw that it was Good"
  • Ryan D. Harker, Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary: "Reading the Beatitudes in the Garden: A Rhetorical Analysis and Agrarian Interpretation of Matthew 5.3-10"
  • Kiara Jorgenson, Luther Seminary: "The Role of Repentance and the Virtues toward the Christian Fulfillment of Ecological Vocation"
  • Ronald A. Simkins, Creighton University: "A Non-Anthropocentric Bible: Putting Humans in Their Place"
  • Rick L. Williamson, Mount Vernon Nazarene University: "Ecological Echoes in the Apocalypse?"