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Brendan Besetzny

Park Ridge, Ill.

Marketing and Music major
Founding member of the Marketing Club
Jazz Band

Advice to Incoming Students

"Keep your door open so people stop by to talk and hang out."

Marketing, Music: A Major Match

In his own words

Cite one major preconception you brought to St. Ambrose and describe how your experience here changed your mind.

I thought that people were going to come to the school and they would know each other, similar to high school. When I got here, I realized it wasn't really like that. People really started to branch out.

What does St. Ambrose offer that is essential to your field of study?

In terms of the music program, there are a lot of ensembles I get to play with, and the business department has a wide range of marketing classes that focus on every different aspect of marketing. That allows me to really get a feel for what potential sides of marketing I would want to go into.

What has been your favorite class?

My favorite class was co-taught by Randy Richards and Patrick O'Leary. It was Business Ethics. I liked the class because it gave me a lot of real world experience, and we were looking into a lot of companies that are going through ethical issues now.

What should students bring to campus?

I think as a freshman, a good idea is to bring games and outside activities that everyone can join in on. Having a Frisbee or football is always nice.

How do you make friends at St. Ambrose?

Keep your door open so people stop by to talk and hang out.

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