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Brittany Bersano

Shorewood, Ill.

Marketing and Management major
President Campus Activities Board
Marketing Club events coordinator
Active in Campus Ministry

Lessons learned at SAU

"I've learned how to discuss differences with people who don't agree with me."

Focus on the World Beyond Me

What have you learned at St. Ambrose?

I've learned to focus on things beyond me. There are so many opportunities to get involved. The doors are opened to develop all of my skills and apply them in an array of situations. That helps you get involved in different activities outside your boundaries. I've really learned how to discuss differences with people who don't agree with me.

Who has been a faculty member who challenged you and helped you through that challenge?

It is a tie between Father Bud Grant and Professor Ethan Gannaway. They each challenged me as a person. They questioned my goals in life and how my religion will be involved. They ask questions that get students involved in challenging discussions instead of telling students what to think or do. They make you think of things you would never think of without their questions.

What has been your favorite course at SAU?

My Rome and Christianity course. The class met every two weeks for a semester, and then we went to Italy during spring break with Father Bud and Dr. Gannaway. It was an amazing time.

What is your favorite tradition at SAU?

Definitely Midnight Breakfast. It brings people together during a happy bonding time that is just nice to be around a bunch of happy people.

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