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Mobile Learning

Blackboard's Mobile LearnTM for iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch; Android; Palm; and BlackBerry devices lets you take your course information with you.

5 Easy Steps for Getting Started

  • Visit the App Store in iTunes or Google Play and search for Blackboard Mobile LearnTM
  • Download the app (Gain access to your grades, push notifications, and tests)
  • Open the app
  • Enter St. Ambrose University in the field provided
  • Login with your St. Ambrose ID and password (this will be the same ID and password used for everything on Blackboard)

NEW NEW – Get your iPad ready for the new Blackboard Grader app (released Oct. 8)

Bb Grader provides teachers with a mobile solution to conveniently measure student success anytime, anywhere. With Bb Grader, teachers use their iPads to review, provide feedback, and ultimately grade submitted Blackboard Learn assignments from within the app. Visit the iTunes App store to download Bb Grader.

With Bb Grader comes your most requested grading-on-the-go features:

  • Inline viewing of student submissions
  • Gesture-based interactions for grading and feedback
  • Audio and video feedback capabilities
  • Class-level and assignment-level views
  • Compatibility with Assignment Multiple Attempts, Group Attempts, and Rubrics

Things you can do with Mobile LearnTM

  • Check grades
  • View Announcements
  • Blogs - read and post
  • Post discussion threads to the Discussion Board
  • Read assignments
  • View student roster
  • View PDFs, PowerPoint, Word documents, and other documents posted on Blackboard
  • Access music, videos and images uploaded by instructors
  • View handouts, assignments, files, videos, blogs, and images posted in classes

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How much will Blackboard Mobile LearnTM cost?
Absolutely Nothing - It is free to students!

What website do I download the app from?
Blackboard Mobile LearnTM is available in the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

Can I download files from Blackboard Mobile LearnTM?
Yes. Common file types such as Word, PDF and PowerPoint will open automatically on your device.

Can I post blogs, wikis, or journals through this app?

Can I take tests or quizzes on Blackboard Mobile LearnTM?

Where can I go for help with the Blackboard Mobile LearnTM?
Go to the Mobile Learn Page