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Are You Ready?

Technology can be amazing and it can also be a hurdle. We work hard to have technology become a useful tool that will help the learning process.

Online classes my not be for everyone, but with a good understanding of what's involved, you can see if you will be a good fit for the courses programs that are offered.

You should be able to say yes to the following statements:

  • I have a reliable computer and Internet access. 
  • I am comfortable with sending and receiving emails with attachments.
  • I can copy, paste, create new documents, and folders.
  • I can download and upload files.
  • I can view online videos from my computer.
  • I can navigate the Internet and research effectively.
  • I am proficient using Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • I am familiar with using my computer speakers and microphone.
  • I can communicate clearly in writing and understand written instructions.
  • I am comfortable asking questions when necessary and have strong time management skills.