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Copyright Guide

A guide to provide faculty, staff, and students with an understanding of copyright law and fair use. Click here.

Blackboard Supported Web Browsers

Download PDF of Support Browsers

Read & Write Gold

Visit the Student Disability Services website for access to this software.

Blackboard Videos


Student Quick Start Guides

Blackboard Quick Start Guide (.pdf)
Submitting Assignments (.pdf)
Supported Browsers and Operating Systems. Visit the Blackboard site

Instructions for Blackboard 9

File Naming in Blackboard

Characters in file names can lead to problems accessing the file after upload such as:  ~` # $ % ^& * ( ) = + / ? > < ;'[ ]: " { } \ | @ (Avoid these characters when naming a document.)

Course page navigation

There are many ways to navigate a coursesite. You can move out of folders using the breadcrumb trail; change the main menu; or collapse or expand parts of the Blackboard screen. You can even upload a personal image that will be used in all of your courses to mark your discussion posts.

If you log into a coursesite and don't see any course main menu, click on the small arrow (>) on the left side. If you see only the title of the course and no sections in the main menu, click the double-down arrow next to the title of the course.

Course entry page

Some courses may start out in the new "Course Home Page" rather than in the Announcements page.

Finding course tools

Courses no longer have a "Course Tools" section in every main menu. Instead, use the ways below:

– Check your grades in all of your courses directly from the My SAU page (the "Tools" box at the far left)
– Some courses have a "Tools" or "Communications" link in the main course menu that takes you to a page listing all tools available in the course.
– Look for other ways your instructor may have provided you with links to tools in that course. For example, if the instructor uses the Discussion Board, a "Discussion Board" link will be provided on the main course menu (or within a content area such as "Course Documents" or "Assignments")

Submitting online assignments

Download the .pdf to help you submit assignments on Blackboard.
If your instructor uses Blackboard to accept papers, there's probably a link to the Assignment. To submit your assignment, click Attach file and then BROWSE TO LOCAL FILE to include your paper. After you have selected the file, then click "Attach File" (many people miss this step) and finally "Submit."

Contact CIDT staff for further help or questions