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Blackboard Collaborate

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Blackboard Collaborate


On Tuesday May 13th, our learning management system Blackboard will undergo an upgrade to the newest feature rich version. To coincide with that impending launch, an updated version of Elluminate Live will also be introduced and repackaged as Blackboard Collaborate. The acquisition of Elluminate Live by Blackboard in 2010 has ultimately led to the Elluminate brand being phased out and the emergence of Blackboard Collaborate which will replace existing Elluminate services. Collaborate will offer the same synchronous virtual environment that Elluminate has become accustomed for over the years.

Collaborate will offer a more collaborative, interactive, and mobile learning experience that constantly evolves, and you'll keep everyone engaged like never before. Students will now be able to participate in Collaborate sessions using their mobile devices across multiple platforms such as Apple iOS, and Android. This is but one of the many great innovations Collaborate has to offer! Collaborate integration with Elluminate will be tentatively available once the new Blackboard has been implemented. At a glance, many of you will recognize the cosmetic user interface revisions of Collaborate but under the hood, many of the features that encompass Elluminate have made a seamless transition.


Dates: April 23 & 30 or by Appointment. More dates to be added soon.
Time: 2:00pm
Location: Cosgrove 24

Key features include:

  • New simplified interface
  • Object-oriented whiteboard
  • Built-in-audio conferencing
  • Multi-point video with follow-the-speaker
  • Tabbed, private, and supervised chat
  • Mobile collaboration from iPad, iPhone or Android (including Kindle Fire HD)
  • Easy conversion & distribution of MP4 files
  • Stream recording

What's New and what is Blackboard Collaborate

On Demand Learning with Blackboard Collaborate

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