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Elmwood, Ill.

Majors in English Secondary Education
Member of Campus Ministry, Bridge Bible Study and Ambrosians for Peace & Justice

Advice for future students

"Come with the idea of 'What is my role on campus?'"

'Challenging Me to Look Deeper'

Cady Windish came to St. Ambrose intent on developing her spirituality. It's no coincidence that mission is an essential piece of the St. Ambrose mission as well.

"It was such a big reason why I chose St. Ambrose, and it fits into practically all of my campus experience," Cady says. "I try to attend mass on a regular basis, and I just love the Bible studies that are offered. I've been able to make a lot of friends through that, too. I'm a theology minor and I love my classes and how they are challenging me to look deeper into my faith."

Many St. Ambrose traditions also serve the spiritual student.

"Candlelight Mass acts like a Christmas Mass in a sense for us because it's right before we go home for Christmas," Cady says. "We all get to be together and just listen to the music and the feeling is just so special. Right after the candlelight service, there is Midnight Breakfast, which is always a blast. It's just a good night."

In her own words

Can you name a faculty member who challenged you and explain how they helped you through that challenge?

English Professor Carl Herzig takes writing so seriously, and is always expecting more out of us, which is great. He helps me through challenges by letting me constantly talk to him if I have a problem with a paper or if I don't know where to go.

What does St. Ambrose offer that is essential to your field of study?

St. Ambrose has an excellent Education program. My major is English Secondary Education with a minor in Theology, and they both have a great curriculum across the board. The observation hours and the opportunities that I've had have taught me a great deal about leadership and how to work with others as well.

What should students bring to campus? 

I feel like students should bring an open mind. Be open to expanding your horizons because the school offers so many different perspectives and it has such a rich tradition. I feel like students should be willing to take advantage of that. And I also think students should come with the idea of "What is my role on campus?" or "What can I do to make the campus stronger?" and they'll actually have a good time doing it. Think about what good can you as an individual bring to campus.

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