Interfaith Council

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Through service, engaging in meaningful conversation about faith values, and acting together on shared values, Interfaith Council at St. Ambrose University seeks to build positive relationships between people from diverse religious and non-religious backgrounds.  

Interfaith Council is part of St. Ambrose University's response to the Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge begun by the White House in 2010. The objective of the challenge is to promote understanding between different communities through interfaith dialogue and service, and it is in this spirit that Interfaith Council aims to gather together Ambrosians of all faith backgrounds for discussion and especially for service work in our community.

Students from all faith backgrounds are invited to take part in Interfaith Council. Activities include visiting places of worship of various religions, sharing of cultures and faith/non-faith, and especially social outreach through community involvement, service opportunities, and participating with other Interfaith Youth Core institutions.  

Interfaith Council Volunteers at Bee the Difference Day

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