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What is Service at SAU?
Service is at the core of being an Ambrosian. It is important to St. Ambrose University, as part of our mission and our identity as a Catholic, diocesan university which is grounded in Catholic Social Teaching.

Service occurs in multiple forms at St. Ambrose University. Service and Service-Learning opportunities give students, faculty and staff multiple ways to give back and connect the university to our local community.

Definition of Service
Service is often thought of as simply performing good works or deeds, especially for those who are in need. While this is important, service for a Catholic university means more than an occasional trip or project. At St. Ambrose University, students are encouraged to develop their lives into lives dedicated to service and concern for justice.  

Catholic Social Teaching shows us that God has a special concern for the poor and those in need, and that we are called to show concern for those in need just as God does. Thus all Ambrosians are called to develop lives dedicated to the good of others, especially those who are in need. Service at St. Ambrose University is more than just something we do; it is part of who we are.

Service is a core value at St. Ambrose University, and students are presented many opportunities to grow and develop a life of service through various activities: local service projects, service trips over breaks to various locations, volunteering with a wide variety of community organizations, and many more. Forming a firm foundation of moral values within our students – so they may live out lives dedicated to service for others and for the world – is an integral part of the SAU experience.

To learn more about service opportunities at St. Amborse University, contact Kaitlin Depuydt.

Definition of Service Learning
Service Learning is a specific type of experiential learning that provides students opportunities to use the skills and knowledge they acquire in the classroom in real-life settings while contributing to relevant community needs and issues.

Students who engage in service learning as part of their academic career develop their ability to apply academic theories and concepts to real-world contexts, tackle complex issues from multiple perspectives, and reflect on their role in their local communities and beyond.

Community agencies looking for partnerships with faculty should contact Dr. Mara Adams.