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Service Trips

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students and children

2014 Spring Break – March 7-15

Thank you to everyone who took part in service trips over Spring Break! Your hard work and service makes all Ambrosians proud!

Cass Community - Detriot, MI:

Detroit is a diverse and dynamic city with a history of world-changing inventions (like the car) and groundbreaking music (heard of Motown?). However, after facing bankruptcy last year, the city of Detroit is in more need than ever. At Cass Community, you will have the opportunity to work in one of several ministries, such as food preparation in the homeless shelter, a vocational recycling center, and a center for persons with special needs.

Choose Detroit if: you love a variety of service, you want a true inner-city experience, or you are a car or music lover!

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation - East Shannon, SD:

The Pine Ridge Reservation is home to the Ogala Lakota. Constituting the eighth-largest reservation in the United States, this area is also one of the poorest in the country. Once home to Crazy Horse, Chief Spotted Elk, and Chief Red Cloud, Pine Ridge is rich with tradition and history. Here, you will be taking part in building ramps and supplies for people with disabilities.  

Choose Pine Ridge if: you love manual labor and want to experience the rich Indian culture and even a Pow Wow.

Appalachian Catholic Worker - Spencer, WV:

This is not your typical Catholic Worker House. ACP's mission is education-contemplation-outreach. A former worker there once described the program like this: "It's not a mission trip; it's more like an educational retreat with some service projects." Here, you will not only learn about the region's poverty and struggles, but also its wealth and beauty, through the people who know it best. Also, learn how mountaintop removal of coal and fracking are destroying the land, water, and communities in this region.

Choose Appalachia if: you are passionate about sustainability and the environment, or are looking for a more educational and reflective spring break. Learn more at

Hubbard House - East St. Louis, IL:

In a city where nearly a third of its families live on less than $7,500 a year, East St. Louis is an often forgotten city in dire need. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development describes it as "the most distressed small city in America."  Hubbard House advocates on behalf of and with those in need in this city, providing a forum for why poverty exists and how to stop it, as well as assisting in various needs in the community. Here, students will have an opportunity to work with the Thea Bowman Catholic School as well as various other Hubbard House ministries.

Choose East St. Louis if: you love work that benefits children, have a major related to education, or love a small group setting.