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Serving Our Community

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students working on a house

Habitat for Humanity

Campus Ministry is proud of all the service that takes place at St. Ambrose University. The work and initiatives of all of our students, faculty, and staff reflect the mission of our university and speak to the Catholic faith and values lived out in our community.Estimate Number of Hours of Ambrosian Service.

Students, faculty, and staff at St. Ambrose University once again responded to the call to serve this year. Our attempt to count the hours of service has come to 79,587 hours this year. THANK YOU to all students, faculty, and staff who gave of yourselves in service over the 2013-2014 year. Here is what has been done:

Co-Curricular Service:
--Urban Plunge: 546 students, 1,293 hours of service, 28 agencies served
--Hunger Week: 62 students, 194 hours of service; Clothes Out Hunger raised nearly $400 to benefit Humility of Mary; 297 students donated meals to benefit Humility of Mary; 3,000 meals packaged for Kids Against Hunger; students donated 276 food items at the Hungry Games; Greenlife bake sale raised enough to donate a cow, a pig and a goat though Oxfam to a community in the developing world; Phi Eta Sigma spoons tournament to benefit Oxfam had 30 student participants.
-- Service to L'Arche: 19 students, 154 hours
--St. Mary's Sleep Out: 5 students, 60 hours
--Pacem in Terris: 4 students, 12 hours
--Service to Youth and Family Services: 9 students, 45 hours
--Run for Renewal: 19 students, 57 hours
--Souper Bowl of Caring: 12 people, 34 hours, $197 raised
--Halloween in the Halls: 5 students, 20 hours
--Interfaith Council: 114 hours to Café on Vine
--Service on Saturdays: 258 hours
--Chicago Winter Break Service Trip: 5 people, 150 hours
--Pine Ridge, SD Spring Break Service Trip: 8 people, 400 hours
--Detroit Winter Break Service Trip: 6 people, 300 hours
--East St. Louis Spring break Trip: 3 people, 150 hours
--WV Catholic Worker Spring Break Service Trip: 6 people, 300 hours
--Holy Family Confirmation Retreat: 10 students, 121 hours
--Dance Marathon: 600 people, 11,000 hours, $132,148.02 raised
--Bee the Difference: 500 students, 1500 hours, 72 neighbors served
--Iota Omega Kappa Delta Pi: 82 hours
--Antioch Student Retreat Team: 17 students, 170 hours
--Fast Fest: 350 students, 1, 050 hours of fasting, $960 raised
--West Point Confirmation Retreat: 17 students, 198 hours
--Music Ministry: 150 students, 900 hours
--Sacristans and Alter Servers: 9 students, 52 hours
--Service in India: India, 7 students, 420 hours --Circle K: 195 hours
--Habitat for Humanity: 22 students, 12 builds and 2 Spring Break Service Trips, 1,392 hours
--SAU Dancers: 54 hours
--Athletic Department: 7,400 hours
--ResLife: 1920 hours
--SGA: 1780 hours
--Greenlife: 19 students, 760 hours
--Bees Knees Prayer Ministry: 1560 hours
--Bridge Bible Fellowship: 702 hours
--Art Club: 13 students, 60 hours
--NSSLHA: 34 students, 215 hours
--TriBeta National Biological Honor Society: 15 students, 150 hours
--Galvin Spinetaneous: 7 students, 350 hours
-Service to Thurgood Marshall School: 7 students, 98 hours

Curricular Service:
--Physical Therapy: 30 students, 150 hours
--Masters of Speech-Language Pathology : 156 hours
--Honors Program: 1324.5 hours
--Theology: 200 hours, 40 students
--MSW: 64 students, 32,640
--Health & Sciences: 25 students, 125 hours
--Music Department: 57 hours
--Women's Studies: 24 students, 480 hours
--DPT : 1600 hours
--Nursing: 408 hours
--Art Department: 75 hours
--MOT: 243.5 hours
--OT Department: 46 students, 464 hours
--MOL: 340 hours
--Education Department: 416 hours
--Engineering: 12 students, 540 hours
--Comm 203: 82 students, 904 hours
--ESL: 30 hours
--Computer Science: 22 hours

Faculty/Staff Service: 3,742 hours