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Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies

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In partnership with the Diocese of Davenport and the Center for Ministry Development, SAU Campus Ministry is proud to host the Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies program. The program is led and developed by the Center for Ministry Development, a national leader in Catholic youth minister training since 1979, and it aims to give those who minister with youth the experience, tools, and resources needed for creative and comprehensive youth ministry.

The certificate consists of eight courses over two years. Courses are typically offered at St. Ambrose over the summer, with four courses offered each summer. Courses delve into a variety of ministry topics, from basic foundational courses on youth ministry, to more specific applications relating to topics such as prayer and worship, evangelization, justice and service, and pastoral care. Fulfilling the eight courses earns the participant the Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies. The classes also can be taken for Theology undergraduate credit through St. Ambrose University, at one credit hour per class. The courses are perfect for anyone interested in working in youth ministry, for those who are new or who are seasoned veterans, and everyone in between.

Applications are available now for classes this summer - click here (pdf) to download the application. To learn more about the program email Christopher Clow. Current SAU students, as well as youth ministry workers in the diocese and surrounding areas, are encouraged to apply. Deadline for the first round of classes ends on May 22, so be sure to get your applications in!


Principles of Youth Ministry
Thursday, June 11 - Friday, June 12
Instructor: Don Boucher
Presents foundational understandings and principles for developing effective, comprehensive ministry with youth and older adolescents. Examines the dynamics of promoting healthy adolescent development and faith growth; the vision and principles for comprehensive youth ministry; and a model for developing youth ministry that incorporates appropriate programming, strengthens family life, involves young people as integral members of the faith community, and collaborates with civic organizations in a common effort to promote positive youth development.

Practices of Youth Ministry
Saturday, June 13 - Sunday, June 14
Instructor: Don Boucher
Explores the development of comprehensive youth ministry through the collaborative sharing of community resources. Rooted in a theological and pastoral vision of community life, this course develops understandings that will assist leaders in setting and implementing a dynamic youth ministry. This will include advocacy, planning and organizing youth ministry efforts, and methods for collaborative leadership among and within ministry teams.

Foundations of Ministry Leadership
Thursday, July 9 - Friday, July 10
Instructor: Mary Harrison
Explores the theology, principles and practices of effective leadership in Christian ministry. Participants will explore current leadership concepts as well as Christian leadership perspectives, and learn how to empower individuals and teams for youth ministry. The course combines theory presentation with experiential learning as participants explore styles for effective leadership; theological and pastoral foundations for understanding leadership and empowerment; and processes and tools for inviting, preparing and nurturing adult and youth ministry leaders.

Skills for Christian Leadership
Saturday, July 11 - Sunday, July 12
Instructor: Marilyn Santos
Addressed the theories and skills in principle-centered ministry leadership. Participants develop a practical, working understanding of leadership processes and skills and the ability to use them. The course stresses the application of leadership skills to various ministry settings, problems and issues.

Cycle Two Courses offered summer 2016
Fostering the Faith Growth of Youth Through - Evangelization and Catechesis; Pastoral Care; Justice and Service; Prayer and Worship