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Students sharing thoughts
Brewed Awakening discussions bring students together to discuss how current events intersect with lives of faith.

Discussing faith in community is integral to faith development and growth, and Campus Ministry strives to provide options for students.

Whether you are well-versed with Catholic theology and history, or are interested in learning more about the Catholic church, or your own personal faith background, Campus Ministry has options for all of our students.

Brewed Awakening - Modeled on "Theology on Tap," this evening discussion features topics relating to faith and current events, along with hot coffee drinks.

Men's and Women's Faith Sharing Groups - Students dive deeper into the Scriptures and learn more about the Word of God in discussion. Groups are available for both men and women.  Meet at different times throughout the semester.

Speakers and Lectures - Campus Ministry works to promote and sponsor various speakers to be brought to campus, and helps encourage students to engage in discussion and learn from the wisdom of others.

Bridge Bible Fellowship - Meant for students of all Christian denominations, this group engages in Bible-based discussion and fellowship on Tuesday nights, along with praise and worship music.

Get involved! Contact us to learn more!