Campus Recreation




Requirements for Student and University Sponsored Organizations

In order to provide positive and safe involvement opportunities and for St. Ambrose University to provide support of that involvement, organizations are expected to meet the following requirements. Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in action on the part of the University, ranging from a warning to loss of University recognition.


Anti-Hazing Policy

Students, student organizations, athletic teams and other student groups of the St. Ambrose University community are strictly prohibited from engaging in any type of hazing activity. All Sports Clubs members will sign this document indicating their compliance. Download


Check Request Procedure 



Driver Authorization

Authorization forms for individuals driving any type of vehicle used for practice, games, travel, tournaments, competitions, etc. Please put the name of your club at the top of the form. Only students or University personnel are permitted to drive. This form must be turned in before the club competition. Download


Dues Contract

Clubs who charge dues must have all members paying dues fill out and sign this form agreeing to the section in the club's constitution about dues to the club. Description of what the dues are for should be provided on the form as well. Signature and date required. Download


Emergency Contact Information

In case of an emergency, complete this form so that the proper individual can be contacted. Download


Fleet Safety

When individuals within a sports club use University vehicles to commute to events they must fill out the fleet safety program acknowledgment form prior to the event. Download


How to form a Sports Club

Download directions (pdf)

  1. The club being formed must be competitive, instructional, or recreational. All members must be students at St. Ambrose University.
  2. Prepare a constitution outlining the purpose of the club and how it will benefit St. Ambrose University. 
  3. Contact the Director of Campus Recreation.
  4. Hold a meeting to increase membership and/or obtain new members.
  5. Complete every form on this website. Each member of the club must complete a liability waiver and insurance form. A dues contract is optional.


Injury Report

Anytime an individual is injured and needs medical attention whether at practice or competition, including home or away events. These need to be filled out at the time of injury. Forms need to be turned into the Campus Recreation Office within 24 hours of injury. Download


Licensing Waiver

When printing jerseys, T-shirts, or any type of apparel for the club, all designs must be approved by the Sports Clubs Staff. Description of suppliers, cost, and amount of apparel being purchased must be provided. Mock designs must be attached separately to the form. ANY CLUB THAT IS SEEN WEARING APPAREL THAT WAS NOT APPROVED MAY BE ASKED TO TURN IN ALL APPAREL UNTIL IT IS APPROVED! Licensed vendors should be used. Download


President's Agreement

Each year, club presidents sign this form regarding full understanding of the Department of Campus Recreation Sports Clubs Manual. By signing this form, presidents also are accepting the duties and responsibilities as a Club President. Download


Team Roster

Clubs need to have a completed roster form that includes all of the clubs members on file with the Club Sport Office. The roster needs to be updated as members join/leave the club.


Travel Roster

This Roster of who is traveling that must be submitted at least 2 days prior to travel. Download


Waiver Form

Before your first club activity, EVERY member of your club sport must complete and sign the risk and liability release form and return it to the Campus Recreation Office. Download