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Campus Recreation


Women's Volleyball

Women's volleyball game

Club Description

SAU Women's Club Volleyball was created Fall 2012 to provide students with the opportunity participate in competitive and recreational volleyball. Club Volleyball is "organized, governed, and conducted by students under the guidelines established by Campus Recreation."

Practice/Competitive Schedule

Practices will generally take place in the Lee Lohman Arena and are coached by a member of the St. Ambrose Men's Volleyball team. Members should expect to meet at least once a week for 1-1.5 hours. Due to varying gym schedules, practice days and times may vary from week to week. The club also scrimmages with the nearby volleyball club at Augustana College.

Contact Information

President, Britni Scholtes

How to Join

Prospective members can contact any one of our board members to find out when practices and meetings are set. 

Recommendations for membership include having some high school volleyball experience; willingness to consistently show up to practices/meetings/games; and bringing equipment (knee pads, braces-if needed, etc.)


$50. (Subject to change.)