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Career Center


Junior Parents

Fall is the time to gently nudge your student into visiting the Career Center if he or she is not already a frequent visitor. Internships and cooperative education experiences may still be arranged; it is definitely not too late.

  • Ask to see your student's resume. You may be delighted to find skills listed that demonstrate your student's ability.
  • You might think of giving an item of professional clothing for birthday and other gifts. This will be needed for interviewing this year and in the future.
  • Help your student develop a list of potential employers in your area. Your local media and everyday contacts may be offering an internship of which your student may not know
  • Encourage your student to attend Career Center Events.
  • Talk about the importance of being a confident interviewee. Perhaps you might want to suggest a mock interview. Students practice interviewing with Human Resource professionals from various companies throughout the Quad City area during Career Boot Camp. Again, visit the Career Center's website to find out when they are offered. Talk about some of the regrettable and more pleasant interviews that you experienced. Your student needs to know that you experienced pre-interview jitters.