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Senior Parents

Wow! How time flies. Your student is transitioning to being self-sufficient. You are keenly aware of how your relationship with your son or daughter is changing everyday. Your nudges are now merely offerings of assistance.

  • Ask your "almost graduate" if he / she would like you to distribute their resume to the Human Resource Director in your company, contacts, or friends who might be in a position to help. Today's job search opportunities find a competitive market, and this is just one means of marketing. Encourage your student to make this step on their own; you are the backup promoter. All other things being equal (experience, grade points, activities) it comes down to whom you know. Perhaps this person of influence could also review your graduate's resume and give him / her some pointers. If your student graciously accepts the critique, it might be an opening to a potential job.
  • Keep track of job openings in your area and in your company. Send an email of the announcement to your son or daughter. Ask what he / she thinks about the opportunity.
  • Let your son or daughter know that you have visited the Career Center's website. Encourage them to attend Career Center Events.

Whats Next

Check out the results of the survey we sent to Graduates about their post-Ambrose successes.