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Non-Work Study Campus Jobs

Several campus departments/offices hire students who are ineligible for work study hours.

Campus Jobs for Non-Work Study Students

Jobs will be posted August 1. Beforehand, students can complete an application and schedule using a "demo" position on BeeCareers.

On or after August 1, students can apply for either Children's Campus, Wellness and Recreation, or Weight Room. Supervisors will contact students via SAU email or by phone for an interview or to offer a position.

SAU Children's Campus (infant and pre-school daycare center)
Job Description

Campus Rec and Weight Room
In order to work for Campus Rec and/or the Weight Room, register on our job posting website, BeeCAREERS, and follow the instructions.
Weight Room Supervisor - job description
Campus Rec Sports Official - job description

Read the job description and/or complete the Security application. You should also complete the Security Schedule (pdf).

Sodexo Food Service
Includes jobs as Barista in the Beehive Coffee ShopCafeteria Worker (Cosgrove), and Food Court Worker (Rogalski Center). For Sodexo jobs, you can apply online at First type in Davenport, IA and search.  If you are interested in a position, click on the "Apply Now" button and fill out the application.

Positions for students who have attended SAU at least one semester:

Student Success Center Tutors
Students are tutors for their fellow college students and work through the Student Success Center. You must first be recommended by a faculty member.

Resident Advisors
RAs are trained to foster community among the residents on a residence hall floor. They plan programs, resolve conflicts, document behavior issues, and enforce university policy. Students should watch their SAU email when RA applications are being accepted. Learn more here

New Student Seminar Peer Assistants
The peer assistant is a student co-instructor with a faculty or staff member for New Student Seminar (NSS). All peer assistants must attend all NSS classes which meet for 50 minutes twice a week for 15 weeks. Learn more here

STARS (Students Trained as Role Models)
STARS work during the summer orientations leading groups to the various offices, answering questions, acting in skits, and hanging with the new freshmen. Learn more here