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MEI Goals and Initiatives

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The Middle East Institute hosts scholars-in-residence, visiting artists, roundtable discussions, and symposiums focused on the Middle East. The institute is also working to promote the creation of several classes related to the Middle East across the St. Ambrose curriculum.

Key strategic goals and initiatives of the Middle East Institute:

  • become a regional hub for information and resources about the Middle East,
  • provide a nonpartisan public forum for the community to engage on key issues impacting the region, including peace-building and reconciliation initiatives,
  • regularly host scholars-in-residence and artists who will enhance knowledge about the Middle East, and share Middle East culture on campus and in the wider community,
  • grow partnerships with Middle Eastern academic institutions in order to facilitate faculty and student exchanges and distance education, and collaborate with local and regional organizations,
  • host a symposium featuring presentations by regional and national experts, and a series of roundtable discussions regarding key issues in the region.
  • provide funding for the creation of several classes relating to the Middle East in academic disciplines across the SAU curriculum.