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A boy measuring the depth of a chipmunk hole

Welcome to our classroom!

Lead Teacher: Lynn Lubben

Lynn teaches the Ladybugs, a class of ten 2-year-old children. Immediately you begin to think, "Oh! Those terrible twos," but we like to think of this age as the "terrific twos!"  At this age, children are most interested in conquering the world! They are so motivated to be independent yet are still very dependent upon the adults in their lives to provide the boundaries and support which keep them safe and allow them to flourish at the same time. 

Looking at a child's development at 24 months of age and then again at 36 months of age shows the tremendous amount of growth that occurs during this year! The child's language development, social skills, self-help skills and discoveries at this young age are a few of the most fascinating things to witness.