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children using thermometer to measure temperature of water

Two children wonder what the temperature of the water is and use a thermometer to find out. They also measure how tall the water is in the container.

Lead Teacher: Andromahi Harrison 
Assistant Teacher: Christy Rivera

Andromahi (Mahi) and Christy are the teachers in the Leapfrog room, a classroom of sixteen three, four, and five year olds. All of the classrooms in our center use the Creative Curriculum. The Creative Curriculum focuses on seven domains which include Social-Emotional, Language, Cognitive, Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, the Arts, and Physical development.

With the help of SAU student employees, Breianna O'day, Katie Sexton, Jillian Stumpf and Chelsea Ebert, we strive to make your child's experience in the room an experience where they can learn, thrive, build relationships, feel comfortable and respected through out their time with us. We feel it important for everyone who enters our room to have a meaningful learning experience including our parents and university students. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for more information about the teachers.

As part of our center's philosophy, we each have goals to help us continue to grow as teachers. We feel this is important to enhance our teaching and teach to the individual child. One of our goals was to keep a blog to be able to share what we are doing in the classroom and share more of what we have learned in the coming years. Please follow us on and enjoy our current happenings.
Feel free to stop in at any time with any questions!

Latest Project:

We are currently in the middle of the second phase of our Happy Joe's Project. The children had been playing restaurants over several days and were discussing their favorite kinds of restaurants. After a week of this type of play, the children began to discuss what the next project might be. A child asked if she could lead group and proceeded to discuss and vote with children what the restaurant of study would be for the current project, thus beginning the Happy Joe's Project.

During the first phase of our project, we created our knowledge and question web about the topic. We also sketched and discussed personal stories. Several of these pictures are currently located in our classroom. Now, as we are in the second phase, we have begun to learn about the sizes and types of pizza. We have also turned our classroom into a Happy Joe's Restaurant using plates, cups, pizza boxes, and menu's to enhance our play. We have started to add key vocabulary in both English and sign language to our play.

The children have been creating a list of pizza's they would like to create and we intend on moving that direction in the following weeks. Stay tuned as we continue our investigations!

More about the Classroom

Andromahi Harrison

Andromahi has been a part of the Children's Campus since she began her field experience in August 2004. She began to work shortly after starting her field experience and during her time at St. Ambrose University working on her Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood and an endorsement in Special Education, she was able to be in each and every classroom. In August 2007, she left to student teach and ended up landing a teaching position in the Leapfrogs in December 2007. Andromahi lives in Davenport with her husband and daughter.

Christy Rivera

Christy Rivera joined the Leapfrog room as assistant teacher in the spring of 2013. Christy spent many years at Lourdes Catholic School, where she was a lead teacher/manager at the Lourdes Little Lancer Daycare. Christy is currently working on her CDA and will be attending classes to obtain her bachelor's degree in Early Childhood education. Christy resides in Bettendorf with her husband and two children.

Daily Schedule–Pre-school age 3,4, and 5
Andromahi Harrison 7:30-4:00 
Christy Rivera 8:00-4:30

7:30-8:45 Learning Centers
8:45-9:15 Snack
9:15-10:30 Learning Centers (small group/project work/gross motor activity)
10:30- 11:15 Indoor/Outdoor Gross Motor Movement
11:15-11:30 Group time
11:30-11:45 Preparation for Lunch/Nap
11:45-12:30 Lunch
12:30-2:30 Rest time
2:30-2:45 Waking up/Bathroom Breaks
2:45- 3:15 Snack
3:15-3:30 Group
3:30-4:15 Outdoor /Indoor Gross Motor Movement
4:15-5:30 Learning Centers

Learning Centers Include:
(Child initiated, teacher supported)
Dramatic Play
Small manipulatives
Sand and/or water
Small Group/Project Work
(Teacher initiated)
Group time
Stories/flannel boards
Class discussion
Community building
Finger plays/puppets
Outdoor /Indoor Gross Motor Movement
Child selected and/or Teacher directed Activity

*Indoor Gross Movement -when weather prohibits outdoor gross motor movement