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Kathleen Trujillo, PhD
Director of Faculty and Student Achievement
Academic Affairs website  


Grade Appeal Policy

A student may appeal a final course grade when they believe the grade is in error. Please click here (pdf) for an outline of the protocol to be followed in the case of a grade dispute.

Directed Study Compensation

Contact the College of Arts Sciences for the policy regarding faculty compensation for Directed and Independent Study courses.

Curriculum and Instruction

CIRCAS - Curriculum Innovation and Review Committee for Arts and Sciences

The mission of CIRCAS is to promote the development of high quality curricular and co-curricular programs within the College.

The SIR-II is the Student Instructional Report. All University instructors are required to administer the forms to their classes in the second half of each semester. For more information, please click here.

Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)
The CTE helps faculty develop and improve upon their teaching skills.

Faculty Development Committee (FDC)
The FDC is charged with increasing teaching effectiveness by working with individual faculty, as well as the faculty as a whole. Such opportunities include faculty mentoring, workshops, grants, sabbaticals and faculty recognition.

College of Arts and Sciences Calendar
In order to stay up to date with events and meetings, please subscribe to the College of Arts and Sciences calendar located in Google. Please email Anjie Sorenson with items to be included on the calendar or questions.


Academic Integrity Policy
The Academic Integrity Policy outlines policies and procedures supported by the University for dealing with issues of academic dishonesty. These issues include cheating, plagiarism, unauthorized assistance, multiple use, falsification, complicity or abuse of academic materials.

To document cases of dishonesty, please click here (pdf).