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For New Faculty

Syllabi Requirements and Suggestions

Instructors are required to distribute a course syllabus either in print or online, to their students at the beginning of the semester. That syllabus must contain the following:

  1. Course number and title, section, term and year
  2. The course catalog description and student learning objectives
  3. Instructor contact information with published office hours that comply with the minimum number of hours required by the university
  4. Grading criteria and the method used to determine final grade
  5. Attendance policy
  6. Required materials
  7. Disability statement


Instructors should consider including:

  1. Course web site
  2. Tentative deadlines for required and recommended readings
  3. Tentative schedule of course topics
  4. Make-up policy for designated course work
  5. Tardy policy and its impact, if any, on grades
  6. Test dates
  7. Course pre-requisites and restrictions as the appear in the catalog
  8. Information about required software
  9. Any course procedures unique to the course that might cause students to reconsider their enrollment in the course
  10. Academic integrity statement
  11. Information about the Student Success Center
  12. Policy for the use of cell phones, calculators and other electronic equipment in the classroom.


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