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Welcome from the Dean

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Dean Aron Aji, PhD

Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences website where we hope you will spend some time getting to know our excellent programs, dynamic faculty and students, and our guiding commitments.

Our College provides a rich learning environment that, no matter your major, fosters inquiry, reflection, interdisciplinary connections, and the integration of classroom learning and the community. We are centrally responsible for delivering the University's General Education Program that emphasizes the Catholic Intellectual Tradition and the Liberal Arts. Between your studies in your major and the general education curriculum, we help develop your individual talent so that you can respond to the needs and aspirations of our communities, whether in the Quad Cities, the United States, or around the globe.

Our faculty members are engaged scholars who carry out their vocation in the service of students. Just as we strive to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in your professional future, we also encourage in all of us a persistent love of learning and compassionate engagement. Consider visiting our departmental pages where you will find detailed information on programs of study, the faculty specialties, and related co-curricular opportunities. You can expect rigorous, current, and exciting coursework in every major, whether your future plan involves a career or graduate study.

With over 33 majors and minors–and the combinations you can create among them–we are quite confident that you will receive a truly individualized education that ultimately reflects both the quality of our programs and the range of your personal aspirations.

Because of our emphasis on inquiry-based learning, you not only get to participate in the process of discovery, but also to learn how to apply knowledge to real life, whether in the form of internships, field research, or community-based service learning. Located in Davenport–the largest city in the metropolitan Quad Cities along the Mississippi River–you have access to every facet of an energetic urban environment: from civic life, scientific research sites and facilities, museums, cultural, non-profit and philanthropic organizations, to dynamic businesses and major corporations. In short, a living educational laboratory for you to experience and engage.

In choosing a college, you are, in a sense, stepping into your future. I hope that you will begin shaping this future here, with us, at St. Ambrose University. Please contact me at, if I can assist you with this important decision.

Wishing you much success,

Aron Aji, PhD
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences