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Undergraduate Summer Research Institute

Summer 2014 Projects

Dr. Robert Mitchell, Astronomy: This project will estimate the distances to other galaxies through examination of the photometry of supernovae that have recently occurred in these galaxies

Dr. Kelly Gierlus and Dr. Joshua Stratton, Chemistry: Students will be introduced to several instrumental methods, including atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS), gas chromatography - mass spectrometry (GCMS), and ion chromatography (IC). The students will work in small groups to propose and carry out a research project of their choice using one of these analytical techniques.

Dr. Jodi Prosise, Engineering: Students will be involved with developing a simple, affordable, neural-controlled upper limb prosthetic by developing a hand model for motion analysis, designing an experiment for EEG data-collection, analyzing data collected from monkeys, and re-developing current open-source models of prosthetics.

Dr. Joseph Hebert and Dr. Sandy McKinley, Political Science and History: Students will explore relevant texts in history, literature, and political philosophy on the theme of money, economics, and liberty as they relate to the conditions for a prosperous and flourishing society.

Dr. Katie Trujillo, Psychology: This study focuses on the impact of therapy dogs on people's stress levels in hospital waiting room environments.

Dr. Grant Tietjen, Criminal Justice and Sociology: This project will make use of a Bureau of Justice Secondary data set (Survey of State and Federal Prisons). Students will use basic quantitative analysis to examine gendered differences in predictors of educational program usage in state and federal prisons.