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Meet Our Students

Students from the College of Arts and Sciences are doing incredible things. Meet some of them.

Eric Guerrero thumbnail imageEric Guerrero

Always an affable guy, Eric found Ambrose's safe and friendly atmosphere to be a great fit.

Emilee Renwick '14 thumbnail imageEmilee Renwick '14

It is a feeling, an awareness, that Emilee Renwick has encountered more than once in a St. Ambrose classroom.

Jacob Hines '13 thumbnail imageJacob Hines '13

Like so many before him, Jacob followed family to St. Ambrose.

Jessica Pera '13 thumbnail imageJessica Pera '13

Jessica Pera learned how independent she can be at St. Ambrose.

Molly Conrad '14 thumbnail imageMolly Conrad '14

Molly Conrad learned how to both play a role and be herself at St. Ambrose.

Colleen Grafton '14 thumbnail imageColleen Grafton '14

Colleen Grafton finds comfort in knowing the St. Ambrose community cares about her.

Natividad HirschBautista '16 thumbnail imageNatividad HirschBautista '16

From her initial experience on the St. Ambrose Model UN team, Natividad HirschBautista found a career she would like to model.

Nick Heuermann thumbnail imageNick Heuermann

Nick is a student of the entire person—from the inner workings of the brain to the tiny bones in the big toe. He knew he wanted to practice occupational therapy when he worked alongside many OTs at a camp for kids with disabilities.

Miracle Leach December '13 thumbnail imageMiracle Leach December '13

Miracle found out she's not the shy person she thought she was when she arrived at SAU

Cady Windish '14 thumbnail imageCady Windish '14

Cady came to St. Ambrose intent on developing her spirituality. Her mission meshed with the St. Ambrose mission.

Matt Kraciun '13 thumbnail imageMatt Kraciun '13

Matt found a perfect place to prepare for med school at SAU.

Mollie McNitt '13 thumbnail imageMollie McNitt '13

Mollie found internal determination and the dedicated faculty at St. Ambrose are strong combination.

Tanner Arntzen '15 thumbnail imageTanner Arntzen '15

Tasty ice cream is one of reasons Tanner Arntzen loves SAU, but it's OK — he'll run off the calories