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Sustainability Project

The human race is well into a process of irreversible and anthropogenic ecological transformation.

So, as St. Ambrose University enters the sixth year of its annual project series, it is with the topic of Sustain-ability so that we may focus our attention on ethical practices relative to the earth, its resources and to humans, especially marginalized and future generations.

We have entered a period of human history when our moral responsibility is for ensuring survival rather than pursuing happiness, sustainability–exercising one's critical thinking skills in such a way as to better ensure the long-term viability of human flourishing and nature's integrity–is a fitting topic for the 2013-14 academic year.

In an age when many–including national-arena politicians and influential religious leaders–still deny global warming, the timeliness of this topic performs an important service in the interests of civil discourse.

–Rev. Robert "Bud" Grant
2013-14 Project Coordinator