Research Interests

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The St. Ambrose University College of Business faculty hold doctoral degrees from a wide variety of fine universities and are active contributors in their fields of research. Topics are wide-ranging. Great research can contribute to top notch classes for our students.

Hear what a couple of faculty members are saying about their research.


Monica Forret, PhD, Professor of Managerial Studies and DBA Program Director

Watch a video interview about Monica Forret's research interests

One of my primary research interests revolves around the topic of networking. More specifically, I have been investigating the types of networking behaviors that individuals utilize, who is more likely to participate in networking behavior, as well as the outcomes of individuals' networking efforts.

Organizational Visioning: An Integrative Review

Arun Pillutla, PhD, Professor of Managerial Studies and Managerial Studies Chair

Watch a video interview about Arun Pillutla's research interests

Vision - it is often seen as a picture of the place where an organization wants to arrive in the future. In an article published in the Group and Organization Management journal, we discuss organizational vision, including the reasons for visioning and the impacts of vision on individuals, groups and organizations. The article offers a comprehensive look at vision development, implementation and suggests a number of directions for future research.