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Apply Your Talent in Real-Life Experiences

St. Ambrose University's College of Health and Human Services offers a variety of programs leading to careers in education, health care, physical fitness, and human services.

In addition to academic excellence, our college focuses on community-based service learning. Our students have the opportunity not only to interact with highly-qualified, well-respected faculty in the classroom, but also participate in a wide variety of experiential learning opportunities such as student teaching, field work and internships as well as community service projects.

The key to your successful college experience lies in finding an environment in which to apply your talent in real-life experiences. We are here to make it possible.

Preparing Leaders in the Human Services

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The College of Health and Human Services prepares professionals to lead and serve in a diverse and global society that enhances human resources and fosters life-long learning.

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CHHS students, faculty and alumni are well-prepared to address the real-life challenges people face at home, at school, in the workplace, and in the community.

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