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Degree Candidates

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Any errors or concerns regarding this list should be brought to the attention of the Records and Registration Office. Contact Bill McAleer,, 563/333-6201.

The Communications and Marketing Office will send out hometown news releases after commencement. Once the individual newspapers get the graduation news release, the paper's editor determines if and when they will run this student achievement news. Some papers will wait several weeks before publishing such items.

If you have not seen this news printed by mid-January you may want to first contact your local newspaper to inquire if they received the release and have plans to publish the news by a certain date.



Aledo: Britteny Kenney-magna cum laude-Human Performance and Fitness
Algonquin: Amanda Gullang-Psychology
Aurora: James Pigney-magna cum laude-History Teacher Education
Bloomington: Carly Norton-Elementary Education, Laura Stocks-summa cum laude-Forensic Psychology
Buffalo Grove: Matthew Lee-Elected Studies
Chicago: Richard Barnotes-Sport Management
Coal Valley: Kelsey Saelens-Psychology
Colona: Danielle Hoffman-dean's commendation-Nursing
Darien: David Suwada-Accounting
E Moline: Christine Mahieu-dean's commendation-Nursing
Elizabeth: Tori Ertmer-magna cum laude-Industrial Engineering
Erie: Patricia Howard-dean's commendation-Elected Studies
Geneseo: Jacob Hamerlinck-cum laude-Applied Management Technology, Stephanie Jackson-Elected Studies
La Grange Park: Jane Schiffler-Elementary Education
Lomax: Christa Hinojosa-dean's commendation-Nursing
Manhattan: Tyler Young-Computer and Network Investigations
Matherville: Libby Olson-dean's commendation-Nursing
Moline: Taja Hanson-Psychology, Kara Harvell-dean's commendation-Nursing, Akondo Kpandja-cum laude-Nursing, Angela Reese-dean's commendation-Business Administration, Erica Salmonson-cum laude-English
Mokena: Steven Laski-Criminal Justice
Mount Carroll: Anna Themas-Psychology
Oak Lawn: Richard Gallagher-Management-Marketing
Oglesby: Brianne Breidenbach-cum laude-Exercise Science
Orland Park: Ann Mark-Elementary Education
Ottawa: Andrew Gama-Psychology
Palatine: Joseph Gumma-Sociology
Plainfield: Erin Hernandez-Forensic Psychology, Nathan Randall-cum laude-Accounting
Princeton: Stefanie Obenhaus-cum laude-Psychology
Prophetstown: Ethan Foltz-cum laude-Management
Rock Falls: Kyli Anderson-Psychology
Rock Island: Diing Ajak-Industrial Engineering, Isaac Carr-Sociology, Sarah Crawford-Art History, Ashley Griffin-dean's commendation-Business Administration, Jonathan Kelley-cum laude-History, Victoria Ohrstrom-cum laude-Management-Marketing, Sandra Scribner-Business Administration
Rockford: Jenna Schneider-dean's commendation-Elementary Education
Seneca: Jonah Hoelscher-Criminal Justice
Sherrard: Rachael Wyant-cum laude-Elementary Education
Silvis: Jennifer Sandoval-dean's commendation-Business Administration
Springfield: Elisabeth Narup-cum laude-Accounting
St Charles: Nolan Possley-General Business Teacher Education
Sterling: Amanda Blumhoff-magna cum laude-Business Administration
Stillman Valley: Devan Messer-Psychology

Ames: Meagan Hruska-Cum Laude-Forensic Psychology
Bettendorf: Kevin Campbell-cum laude-Chemistry, Brittany Hayes-English, Karyn Hinton-dean's commendation-Nursing, Natalie Karber-dean's commendation-Nursing, Louis Kranovich-dean's commendation-Finance-Economics, Samantha Loose-Criminal Justice, Stephanie Newton-Business Administration in Accounting, Taurean Rivers-Sport Management, Dylan Steil-cum laude-Economics-Finance
Buffalo: Shani-Marie Marland-dean's commendation-Nursing
Cedar Rapids: Edward Fox-cum laude-English, Benjamin Liesveld-History, Samuel O'Donnell-General Business, Caroline Thome-Political Science-Art History
Charles City: Ellen Kloberdanz-Psychology
Clinton: Sheena Schultz-dean's commendation-Business Administration in Accounting
Davenport: Lindsey Abrahamsen-Business Administration, Kristine Andresen-cum laude-English Teacher Education, Donald Brady-dean's commendation-Special Studies, Ryan Byrne-dean's commendation-Management, Mandy Cady-dean's commendation-Marketing-Management, Victoria Cook-Spanish, Kristina Derrick-Management, Peggy Dreyer-summa cum laude-Business Administration in Accounting, Terry Ellenberg-dean's commendation-Business Administration in Accounting, Katherine Froeschle-Public Relations and Strategic Communication, Patricia Grady-Elected Studies, Matthew Hannon-Management, Stacy Hanser-dean's commendation-Industrial Engineering, Jerry Harland-Sport Management-Marketing, Chad Harvey-Physical Education, Patricia Hernandez-Zavala-Management, John Jacobs-History Teacher Education, Sydne James-Management-Marketing, Kristi Keller-dean's commendation-Applied Management Technology, Kayla Kepford-dean's commendation-Business Administration, Ariel Lundy-International Business, Miranda McKenna-cum laude-Early Childhood Education, Colin McNabb-Marketing-General Business, Tyler Mitchell-summa cum laude-Public Relations and Strategic Communication-Spanish, Amy Moore-Elementary Education, Victor Ochoa-Business Administration in Accounting, Alisa Oliver-Elected Studies, Courtney Rodriguez-Business Administration, Andrea Roelens-dean's commendation-English Teacher Education, Pinki Saini-Accounting, Taryn Schneider-cum laude-Early Childhood Education, Joseph Truman-Computer Science, Jonathan Yacapraro-cum laude-Business Administration-
DeWitt: Anna Brown-Nursing, Hillary Drury-summa cum laude-Accounting, Kimberly Logan-dean's commendation-Early Childhood Education, Allison Lubben-dean's commendation-Elementary Education
Dubuque: Adam Berntgen-magna cum laude-Business Administration, Erik Johnson-magna cum laude-Elementary Education, Rachel Rettenmeier-Early Childhood Education, Matthew Sabers-magna cum laude-Accounting-Finance, Jillian Stumpf-cum laude-Early Childhood Education
Eldridge: Mallory Baldwin-Theatre, Melissa Horstmann-Business Administration, Adrian Trent-Media Studies, Brandon Voss-cum laude-Accounting, Taalor Werden-cum laude-Psychology, Andrea Wilson-summa cum laude-Elementary Education
Fairfax: Karissa Kalous-magna cum laude-Psychology
Farley: Heather Jesenovec-magna cum laude-Psychology
Goose Lake: Jordan Meier-magna cum laude-International Studies
Le Claire: Corinne Daily-Exercise Science, Amy Griffin-cum laude-Business Administration, Kelsey Ward-Management-Marketing
Long Grove: Kimberly Ellis-dean's commendation-Graphic Design
Mount Pleasant: Tiber Cisco-cum laude-Sociology
Muscatine: Joseph Chatman, IV-dean's commendation-Computer Information Systems, Maria Pimentel-magna cum laude-Elementary Education
Princeton: Michael Harry-magna cum laude-Computer Science
Solon: Samantha Hoehle-cum laude-Psychology
Urbandale: Sarah Trunnel-summa cum laude-Psychology
Vail: Kimberly Lally-cum laude-Speech and Theatre Teacher Education
W Liberty: Morgan Weaver-cum laude-Sociology
Wilton: April Devore-summa cum laude-Elementary Education, Kelly Jannings-Exercise Science, Paige Wheeler-magna cum laude-Political Science

Onalaska: Abigail Frideres-cum laude-Elementary Education


Makkah: Mohammed Bahha-Computer Network Administration
Riyadh: Hassan Alhethail-Industrial Engineering

Ngara: Deogratias Shimil'imana-Finance-Economics


Colorado Springs: Michael Durbin-Organizational Leadership

Aledo: Robert Mejia-Business Administration
Cambridge: Jason Gustafson-Organizational Leadership
Carbondale: Britni Townsend-Business Administration
Chicago: Heather Roberts-Organizational Leadership
Coal Valley: Ryan Bunch-Business Administration
E Moline: Julius Arrington-Organizational Leadership, Cynthia Bryson-Organizational Leadership, Grant Miller-Criminal Justice, Heather Ramos-Organizational Leadership
Galva: Darcy Jeffries-Business Administration
Homewood: Gabrielle Schmitz-Criminal Justice
Knoxville: Alena Newcomb-Science in Information Technology Management
Milan: Jacob Montague-Organizational Leadership
Moline: Justin Blondell-Accounting, Lisa Craig-Organizational Leadership, Derek Fortin-Organizational Leadership
Naperville: Todd Riefenberg-Occupational Therapy
Oregon: Andrew Canfield-Accounting
Peoria: Maureen Wetzel-Business Administration
Polo: Josh Faivre-Accounting
Princeton: Aaron Holmes-Science in Information Technology Management
Rock Island: Jennifer Aplington-Organizational Leadership
Taylor Ridge: Shannon Nielsen-Business Administration
Walnut: Haley Franks-Business Administration
Westchester: Mark O'Connor-Accounting

Decatur: Matthew Nidlinger-Business Administration

Bettendorf: Jeanette Allison-Glaser-Science in Information Technology Management, Amy Ashlock-Organizational Leadership, Lysa Hegland-Organizational Leadership, Stephanie Loncarich-Organizational Leadership, James Rohler-Business Administration, Javier Sanchez-Business Administration
Bloomfield: Jennifer Snyder-Business Administration
Cedar Rapids: Alecia Harrison-Criminal Justice, Lisa Pakkebier-Organizational Leadership, Rebecca Rasmussen-Education in Educational Administration
Davenport: Abraham Chirackal-Business Administration, Rodney DeSalvo-Business Administration, Agustina Hernandez Zavala-Accounting, Chad Jones-Education in Educational Administration, Amy Larson-Business Administration, Rebecca Peterson-Organizational Leadership, Kelli Price-Business Administration, Jennifer Wheeler-Education in Educational Administration
Donnellson: Colleen McClinton-Business Administration
Dubuque: Danielle Ebaugh-Organizational Leadership
Durant: Ryan Neumann-Organizational Leadership
Eldridge: Ashley Dexter-Business Administration, Gabrielle Goemaat-Business Administration, Carmen Lane-Education in Educational Administration, Jennifer McCubbin-Organizational Leadership, Jamie Schroeder-Science in Information Technology Management
Fremont: Jesse Riley-Business Administration
Ft Madison: Charles Ireland-Business Administration
Indianola: Joseph Bailey-Business Administration
Iowa City: Melinda Shetler-Organizational Leadership, Izzat Youssif-Science in Information Technology Management
Iowa Falls: Brendelyn Juergens-Organizational Leadership
Keokuk: James Logsdon-Business Administration
Keswick: Jessica Moore-Business Administration
Le Grand: Angie Mullenbach-Organizational Leadership
Marion: Lynda Braksiek-Organizational Leadership, Amanda Robert-Business Administration
Muscatine: Tyler Edwards-Business Administration, Horacio Lee-Business Administration
Newton: Kyle Riegel-Business Administration
North Liberty: Patrick Clemence-Business Administration, Corrine Hamers-Business Administration, Rebecca Larkin-Business Administration
Ottumwa: Richard Kennedy-Business Administration
Panora: Irmarie Swanson-Business Administration
Robins: Neal Feltman-Business Administration
Shueyville: Stephanie Bredman-Organizational Leadership
Tipton: Darren Zabloudil-Business Administration
Waterloo: Amina Begic-Business Administration, Kelly Dybvig-Organizational Leadership, April Ramsey-Business Administration, Amy Scoles-Business Administration
West Branch: Leah Loomer-Business Administration
West Point: Randi Rockwell-Organizational Leadership

Larned: Creighton Olsen-Business Administration

Grayling: Nicholis Fitzpatrick-Business Administration
Pontiac: Vanessa Jimenez-Organizational Leadership


Fairfax: Ryan Marti-Business Administration


Las Cruces: Todd Davis-Business Administration


Umatilla: Katelyn Lee-Business Administration


Hartland: Alex Kretzschmar-Organizational Leadership

Guangzhou: Xiao Chen-Accounting
Zhaoqing: Jiyuan Ren-Accounting

Guwahati: Pranami Borbora-Business Administration
Karimnagar: Minu Charania-Business Administration

Panama City: Dedsy Lascano-Business Administration

Hail: Naif Alrashdi-Science in Information Technology Management


Chicago: Catherine Berger-Physical Therapy
East Moline: Stephanie Garner-Physical Therapy, Samuel Rowe-Physical Therapy
Erie: Brooke Russell-Physical Therapy
Fowler: Jamie Veith-Physical Therapy
Geneva: Sarah Butz-Physical Therapy
Hampton: Elise Beck-Physical Therapy
Leaf River: Andrew Ballard-Physical Therapy
Macomb: Angelica Markey-Physical Therapy
Ottawa: Alyssa Carlson-Physical Therapy, Erin Graham-Physical Therapy
Palatine: Megan Boecher-Physical Therapy
Rochelle: Jared McCaffrey-Physical Therapy
Rock Island: Joanna Davis-Business Administration
Saint Charles: Kara Taylor-Physical Therapy
Troy: Jennifer Lynch-Physical Therapy

Boise: Karen Clark-Physical Therapy

Bettendorf: Martin Barclay-Physical Therapy, Brooke Thennes-Physical Therapy
Blue Grass: Jordan Gillund-Physical Therapy
Calamus: Aleisha Adams-Physical Therapy
Cedar Rapids: Michael Thome-Business Administration
Davenport: Jacob Canright-Physical Therapy
Dike: Jonathon Mulder-Physical Therapy
Dubuque: Sarah Oberhoffer-Physical Therapy, Laura Timmerman-Physical Therapy
Fairfield: Clinton Simplot-Physical Therapy
Lansing: Toni Monat-Physical Therapy
Marion: Erin Peiffer-Physical Therapy
New Liberty: Alicia Moeller-Physical Therapy
Nora Springs: Alyssa Davies-Physical Therapy
Wapello: Josey Lomeli-Physical Therapy

Wichita: Sarah Ohm-Physical Therapy

Lake St. Louis:
Jaclyn Dintaman-Physical Therapy

Hartland: Amanda Bizub-Physical Therapy