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Degree Candidates

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Any errors or concerns regarding this list should be brought to the attention of the Records and Registration Office. Contact Bill McAleer,, 563/333-6201.

The Communications and Marketing Office will send out hometown news releases after commencement. Once the individual newspapers get the graduation news release, the paper’s editor determines if and when they will run this student achievement news. Some papers will wait several weeks before publishing such items.

If you have not seen this news printed by mid-January you may want to first contact your local newspaper to inquire if they received the release and have plans to publish the news by a certain date.

Ontario: William Bell-Radio and Television
Valley Village: Jake Fields-Theatre

Annawan: Marcus Cleary-Marketing
Bartonville: Jacob Carter-cum laude-Computer Investigations and Criminal Justice
Bolingbrook: Owen Larson-Marketing
Bushnell: Kyle Borchardt-Criminal Justice
Byron: Michael Ashworth-cum laude-Elementary Education, Antonina Costa-Elementary Education, Anthony Wittemeyer-Physical Education Teacher Education
Carol Stream: Kyle Schwetz-Human Performance and Fitness
Channahon: Samuel Biesack-Behavioral Neuroscience
Chicago: Patrick Whalen-Psychology
Coal Valley: Tammy Saelens-dean's commendation-Business Administration
Cortland: Joshua Bailey-Biology
East Dubuque: Jacob Burgmeier-Criminal Justice
Elk Grove Village: Georgiana Kutrumanes-Exercise Science, Patricia Kutrumanes-Elementary Education
Elmwood: Cady Windish-summa cum laude-English Teacher Education
Erie: Alexandria Hunter-cum laude-Psychology
Evergreen Park: Janelly Diaz-Elementary Education
Galesburg: Lindsay Olson-summa cum laude-Spanish Teacher Education
Geneseo: Cody Boelens-Computer Network Administration
Geneva: Brett Ellis-Industrial Engineering
Hainesville: Laura Stark-cum laude-Spanish Teacher Education
Lakemoor: Becky Tokarz-cum laude-Exercise Science
Libertyville: David Bowles-Accounting
Lockport: Miracle Leach-Music-Theology, Bo Starkey-Physical Education
Maryville: Michael Stanley-Management
Moline: Karie John-dean's commendation-Public Relations and Strategic Communication, Tyler Olson-Physical Education Teacher Education, Ivelina Petrova-dean's commendation-Mathematics, Joy Sheley-magna cum laude-History-Political Science, Chad Stephenson-dean's commendation-Computer Network Administration
Monmouth: Megan Fickenscher-cum laude-Public Relations and Strategic Communication
Montgomery: Lucinda Prisco-cum laude-Psychology
Naperville: Ryan Kristensen-Management-Marketing, Joshua Lim-Biology
New Boston: Derek Dixon-summa cum laude-History Teacher Education
New Windsor: Kaitlyn Adamson-dean's commendation-Early Childhood Education
Oak Forest: Matthew Runge-cum laude-Physical Education Teacher Education
Oglesby: Cole Johns-Exercise Science
Oregon: Andrew Canfield-Accounting
Oswego: Jonathan Nevin-Art Teacher Education-Graphic Design
Pekin: Kelsey Theis-magna cum laude-Behavioral Neuroscience
Polo: Josh Faivre-magna cum laude-Accounting
Princeton: Lindsay Clark-magna cum laude-Mathematics
Princeville: Cory Price-Industrial Engineering
Rock Falls: Chelsey McKee-magna cum laude-Elementary Education
Rock Island: Beau Brandt-Accounting, Theresa Carton-Business Administration, Julie Darin-Untiedt-cum laude-Business Administration, Nikki Gay-Psychology, Thomas Hemmen-Management-Marketing, Jamie Patton-Psychology, Tonya Rea-dean's commendation-Business Administration
Sherrard: Zachary Miller-cum laude-Management
Streator: Connor Armstrong-summa cum laude-Industrial Engineering
Summit: Lisa Romero-Psychology
Walnut: Benjamin Howes-Sociology
Washington: Jacob Burd-Exercise Science
Wayne: Cassie Rio-Psychology
Winfield: Lauren Ambrose-cum laude-Elementary Education, Patrick Milder-Biology

Ankeny: Austin Cappaert-cum laude-Industrial Engineering, Connor Gillund-Management
Bettendorf: Barbara Anderson-Nursing, Laurie Denison-Elected Studies, Justin DePover-Elected Studies, Jennifer Felton-Accounting, Amanda Graham-dean's commendation-Business Administration, Dani Helmich-cum laude-English Teacher Education, Jarrett Holloway-dean's commendation-Graphic Design, John Hoty-dean's commendation-English Teacher Education, Christopher Lorenzen-Industrial Engineering, Morgan Meseke-Human Performance and Fitness, Mitchell Overstreet-Sport Management, Lynnette Snow-dean's commendation-Nursing
Blue Grass: Lynda Hadley-Slagle-dean's commendation-Nursing, Anthony Van Laarhoven-Computer Network Administration
Clinton: Misty Kruse Determan-dean's commendation-Nursing
Coralville: Daniel Vaughn-Music,
Davenport: Marissa Ahlers-Psychology, Lori Atwater-summa cum laude-Business Administration, Eric Clapp-dean's commendation-Public Relations and Strategic Communication, Thomas Crone-dean's commendation-Accounting, John Diggs-Graphic Design, Ann Dobesh-Physical Education Teacher Education, Maria Dockery-Jackson-Political Science, Kayla Dodd-Psychology, Jordan Dooley-Psychology, Allene Fisher-Music Education, Brady Frieden-Biology, Brandon Garnica-cum laude-Accounting, Jeffrey Gomez-dean's commendation-Nursing, Catherine Greer-Psychology, Ethan Johnson-cum laude-Mathematics Teacher Education, Tyler Johnson-cum laude-Biology, Jena Keimig-Elementary Education, Alexandra Kroeger-Sociology, Megan Lafrenz-dean's commendation-Political Science, Timothy LaGrange-dean's commendation-Elected Studies, Lorenzo Lira-Exercise Science, Natalie Little-dean's commendation-Nursing, Danielle Mason-Elected Studies, Cassandra Miller-dean's commendation-Elementary Education, Alissa Morrison-summa cum laude-Marketing, Sebastian Pena-cum laude-Economics-Finance, Trevor Pickinpaugh-Psychology, Ryan Stout-Sport Management, Adam Tucker-dean's commendation-Elementary Education, Daniel Van Winkle-dean's commendation-History Teacher Education, Bridget VanGetson-dean's commendation-Applied Management Studies, Alejandro Vasquez-Accounting, Marc Wampler-cum laude-Finance, Rebecca Wilder-cum laude-Exercise Science, Aretha Williams-dean's commendation-Accounting, Jordon Williams-magna cum laude-Political Science, Lindsey Williams-Psychology
De Witt: Elizabeth Adolphi-International Studies-Political Science
Des Moines: Darren Dougherty-cum laude-Business Administration, Carly Keeney-Elementary Education
Dubuque: Kevin Noel-Management-Marketing, Scott Timmerman-magna cum laude-General Business-Management
Durant: Daniel Mays-dean's commendation-Business Administration, Benjamin Skriloff-summa cum laude-Marketing
Eldridge: Nathan Sinnott-Sport Management, Rebecca Wall-Elementary Education
Ft Madison: Jacob Hanenberger-Theatre
Grand Mound: Mitchell Mosier-Marketing
Iowa City: Haley Coffin-cum laude-Psychology, William Reddick-Criminal Justice, Katelyn Seaba-Behavioral Neuroscience, Fabian Virgies-Psychology
LeClaire: Matthew Auliff-dean's commendation-Criminal Justice, Colleen Grafton-summa cum laude-Computer Network Administration-Philosophy, Stephen Kerecman-Business Administration
Long Grove: Jessica Jones-Biology Teacher Education
Marion: Brooke Post-Exercise Science
Monticello: Wayne Eiben-Theatre
Muscatine: Fabiola Manyi-Orellana-Psychology, Rebekah Willich-Elected Studies
Newton: Emilee Steinbach-magna cum laude-Early Childhood Education
Solon: Sean Kelly-Sociology
Story City: Lindsay Hammes-Psychology
Urbandale: Marc Wampler-cum laude-Accounting
Wheatland: Bryce Perry-Criminal Justice

Grover: MacKinzie Ahlers-dean's commendation-Psychology

Las Vegas: Michael Lattyak-Marketing

Hatboro: Devon Ruiz-Forensic Psychology

Marysville: Erin Dierickx-cum laude-Exercise Science-Human Performance and Fitness

Botswana: Tirelo Morake-Economics-Finance-Management
Haiti: Ruth Morency-cum laude-International Business-Marketing
Saudi Arabia: Meshari Alotaibi-Computer Information Systems, Mathkar Alsubaie-dean's commendation-Computer Information Systems


Sacramento: Lauren Lovewell-Education in Educational Administration

Andover: Carolyn Naeve-Accounting
Bennett: Donnette Jones-Nursing Administration
Bettendorf: Nancy Andreesen-Business Administration, Lindsey Careatti-Nursing Administration, Julie Cockayne-Business Administration, Asma Hussain-Information Technology Management, Alyse Schmidt-Organizational Leadership, Rachel Shipley-Business Administration, Lori Spavin-Nursing Administration,Toni Washam-Business Administration, Kelsey Wells-Business Administration, Kristin Wright-Business Administration
Blue Grass: Mark Gray-Accounting
Burlington: Luann Glaser-Pastoral Theology, Robert Glaser-Pastoral Theology
Cedar Rapids: Annie Bradford-Education in Educational Administration, Ronald Harp-Business Administration, Rebecca Webber-Business Administration
Clinton: Jeffrey Schuetzle-Pastoral Theology
Davenport: Katelyn Baker-Accounting, Rachel Bjurstrom-Organizational Leadership, Victoria Campbell-Accounting, Shu Hui Chen-Accounting, Kristin DeNike-Nursing Administration, Anh Hua-Criminal Justice, Raja Krishnamurthy-Organizational Leadership, Megan McIntyre-Organizational Leadership, Ryshawn Peer-Business Administration, Randy Rinehart-Information Technology Management, Janet Stoefen-Nursing Administration, Deborah Teague-Organizational Leadership
Dewar: Pamela Wright-Business Administration
Dubuque: Emily Allen-Occupational Therapy, Holly Kelley-Criminal Justice, Robert McGrath-Business Administration, Tom Moothart-Organizational Leadership, Tyler Norby-Accounting
Dunkerton: Justin Shores-Business Administration
Eldridge: Jeffrey Keester-Business Administration, Angela Rieck-Nursing Administration
Fort Dodge: Jeremy Ebelsheiser-Business Administration
Keswick: Christine Kolstee-Business Administration
Maquoketa: Jennifer Hamann-Business Administration
Marion: Amanda Grieder-Business Administration
Maynard: Jere Wood-Business Administration
Monticello: Kristin Hinz-Criminal Justice
Muscatine: Saye Beipa-Organizational Leadership, Steven Jameson-Business Administration, Susan Jameson-Organizational Leadership, Araka Schroeder-Business Administration
New Liberty: Marissa Timmerman-Accounting
Ottumwa: Aimee Wells-Business Administration
Parkview: Ryan Tyrrel-Business Administration
Waterloo: Elvisa Dizdarevic-Business Administration, Jennifer Jacobsen-Business Administration
Waverly: Todd Wittfoth-Business Administration

Aledo: Jessica Sackville-Business Administration
Coal Valley: Maria Drummond-Business Administration
Farmington: Heidi Walter-Business Administration
Fisher: Kyle Wantland-Organizational Leadership
Galesburg: David Fields-Business Administration
Geneseo: Cathryn Albright-Organizational Leadership
Hampton: Kelly Goebel-Business Administration, Brian Schou-Business Administration
Kankakee: Andrew Gates-Business Administration
LaHarpe: Alyssa Swanson-Accounting
Lincoln: Mia Wells-Business Administration
Lombard: Marianne Agnoli-Pastoral Theology
McHenry: Stephanie Hoaglin-Organizational Leadership
Milledgeville: Melissa Pearson-Business Administration
Moline: Michael De Bisschop-Organizational Leadership, Kayla Dinquel-Criminal Justice, Adelle Ponce-Business Administration, Phillip Spurgetis-Business Administration, Angela Williams-Business Administration, Neal Williams-Business Administration, Karla Young-Business Administration
Pekin: April Kleckner-Business Administration
Port Byron: Kathryn Nichols-Accounting
Reynolds: Crystal Veronda-Business Administration
Rock Island: Cynthia Ball-Business Administration, Leslie Hird-Business Administration, Aimee Holliday-Business Administration, Thomas Lenger-Business Administration, Mattie Martin-Business Administration, Tamara Smith-Business Administration, Luke Welling-Business Administration
Tinley Park: Brett Panfil-Information Technology Management
Tolono: Brittany Oakes-Business Administration

Chesaning: Jenifer Luckenbach-Business Administration
Detroit: Joseph Lewis-Business Administration

Stewart: Nathan Benson-Business Administration

Newport News: Calvin Cooper-Criminal Justice

Lena: Cheri Egan-Business Administration
River Falls: Eric Page-Organizational Leadership
Sheboygan: Derek Long-Accounting

Saudi Arabia: Salem Alruwais-Information Technology Management, Mohammad Alshammari-Information Technology Management, Yasser Alshammari-Information Technology Management, Abbas Al Namar-Information Technology Management
Tanzania: Erasto Naakule-Accounting


Arlington Heights: Katherine Majkowski-Physical Therapy
Aurora: Justine Uhl-Physical Therapy
Bartonville: Barry Dunne-Business Administration
Bloomington: Elizabeth Horner-Physical Therapy
Chillicothe: Dale Klausegger-Physical Therapy
Decatur: Hillary King-Physical Therapy
Freeport: Jered Hartman-Physical Therapy
Gilman: Whitney Gray-Physical Therapy
Joliet: Emily Robbins-Physical Therapy
Long Grove: Jessica Starykowicz-Physical Therapy
Moline: Kelsey Berg-Physical Therapy
Orion: Audra Jahn-Physical Therapy
Orland Park: Catherine Carberry-Physical Therapy
Ottawa: Megan Fiesel-Physical Therapy
Peoria: Jaimie Joosten-Physical Therapy
Princeton: Ashley Sconzo-Physical Therapy
Quincy: Marcus Welding-Physical Therapy
Rochelle: Jenna McCaffrey-Physical Therapy
Streator: Erin Gould-Physical Therapy

Bankston: Molly Elgin-Physical Therapy
Bellevue: Margaret Kilburg-Physical Therapy
Bettendorf: Richard Kleine-Business Administration
Cedar Rapids: Mary Crumley-Physical Therapy
Council Bluffs: Alison Mooney-Physical Therapy
Davenport: Allyson Wennlund-Physical Therapy
Decorah: Lauren Wettach-Physical Therapy
Dubuque: Alexandra Wirzbach-Physical Therapy
Durango: Christine Wolf-Physical Therapy
Janesville: Jillian Stensland-Physical Therapy
Kalona: Samantha Troyer-Physical Therapy
Spencer: Sarah Mugge-Physical Therapy
Storm Lake: Jessica Bettin-Physical Therapy
Swisher: Allison Vlietstra-Physical Therapy
West Union: Carrie Tope-Physical Therapy

Woodbury: Alyssa Curtis-Physical Therapy

Arlington: Mitchel Boeck-Physical Therapy

Florence: Carissa Knox-Physical Therapy