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Transfer Guide: Pre-OT

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• Students who wish to enter the MOT Program are encouraged to contact the SAU OT Department at the start of their college career or earlier to obtain program information and advice on course sequence and selection.
• The MOT program requires five semesters of professional study on campus followed by 24 weeks of full time field experience.
• Students may enter the program as an undergraduate or graduate student; however, students planning to take credits toward their baccalaureate degree while enrolled in the MOT Program may have no more than nine credits outstanding toward that degree by the time MOT coursework begins. Students may need to enroll in summer and interim sessions to complete this course of study within five or six years.
• Students must provide documentation - on official letterhead and signed by a registered OT, or sent directly from their e-mail - of 50 hours of volunteer OT experience completed within the last 5 years in at least two different OT settings. Applicants may receive credit from employment in an occupational therapy setting with approval from the MOT program.
• Students wishing to complete the Associate in Arts degree prior to transferring to St. Ambrose University should include the OT program prerequisites below within the AA/AS Degree at Black Hawk College. Students wishing to transfer to St. Ambrose prior to earning the AA/AS degree should refer to the general education requirements for St. Ambrose University.
• Applicants to the Master of Occupational Therapy Program must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or higher at the time of application and upon enrollment in the professional program. The program is very competitive and only the top 30 applicants are admitted.
• Applications to the program will be considered October 1 through December 15 and are submitted through the OTCAS website. An application fee of $125.00 is required for the first application and $45.00 for each additional program application.
• **will not count toward the 300-level requirement.


Prerequisite Courses for Students Seeking Admission to SAU Master of Occupational Therapy Program - All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

BHC Courses SH SAU Equivalent
BIOL 145 (must be completed at the time of application to the MOT program)   4   BIO 202 (BIOL145 will transfer to SAU as a BIOL Elective if BIOL 146 is not also completed at BHC.)
BIOL 146 4 BIO 204
MATH 228 3 STAT 213
Social Science Requirement - PSYC 101 3 PSYC 105
Social Science Requirement - PSYC 200 3 PSYC 305 - Lifespan Developmental Psychology **
PHIL 103 3 PHIL 207
BIOL 150 3 HS 250 (1 hour @SAU)

Prerequisite Hours - 23 Semester Hours

St. Ambrose Contact
Rhonda Lane
Phone: 563-333-6277

Black Hawk Contact
Mary Anne Dockery-Jackson
Phone: 309-796-5164

This guide is not intended to be a contract with SAU. The information of this guide is subject to change; students are advised to contact SAU to keep informed of changes. Final responsibility for verifying all transfer information lies with the student. Using this guide in conjunction with the BHC Catalog, the student will use to fulfill degree requirements. 

Updated: September, 2013