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Transfer Guide: Pre-PT

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• Entry to the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program is available to qualified St. Ambrose students during the senior year. Students on this track are able to complete program requirements on a 3+2.5 plan of study. The first year of DPT courses is applied toward completion of the undergraduate degree. Admission to the program on this track requires a minimum 3.0/4.0 GPA, however a higher GPA is recommended due to the keen competition for admission.
• Students holding a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university may apply to the DPT program and complete requirements on a 4+2.5 plan of study.
• Due to the number of required courses, it is not recommended that students attempt to complete the AA/AS degree at Black Hawk College and all DPT prerequisites. Students who wish to take courses at Black Hawk in addition to DPT prerequisites prior to transfer to SAU should reference SAU general education requirements or BHC AA/AS degree requirements. It is also advisable to consult with an SAU advisor for course selection.
• All prerequisites must be completed with a grade of "C" or better. Any major is acceptable; however, the pre-professional course prerequisites must be completed. Many students have found that they are most efficiently able to complete program prerequisites in a Psychology, Biology or Exercise Science major.
• DPT program admission also requires: 50 hours of documented observation with a licensed physical therapist in two or more physical therapy practice settings; submission of official results of the Graduate Record Exam; official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended; two references from individuals well acquainted with the applicant and an on-site personal interview with PT faculty members.
• St. Ambrose University admits up to 30 qualified students into the DPT program each fall; however, 15 of these spots are filled by students given a conditional admittance to the DPT program as high school seniors.
• All applications to the program are handled through Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (PTCAS). The application is submitted at


Pre-professional Course Prerequisites for Doctor of Physical Therapy Program   

BHC Courses SH SAU Equivalent
  BIOL 105 5 BIOL 199
  BIOL 106 5 BIOL 200
1 BIOL 145 (must be completed at the time of application to the DPT program)   4   BIOL 202
1 BIOL 146 4 BIOL 204
2 CHEM 101 4 CHEM 105
  CHEM 102 4 CHEM 106
3 PHYS 101 5 PHYS 203
  PHYS 102 5 PHYS 204
  MATH 118 3-5 MATH 171
  MATH 228 3 STAT 213
  PSYC 101 3 PSYC 105
  Psychology/Sociology (Upper level) 3 300 level PSYC or SOC**


NOTES: Students' assessment scores might indicate the necessity of prerequisite English, math or reading courses in addition to the courses suggested in this sequence.

1. Students must complete the anatomy and physiology sequence at one institution. Both BIOL 145 and BIOL 146 must be completed at BHC for the student to receive credit for BIOL 202 and BIOL 204 at SAU. Students who complete BIOL 145 without also completing BIOL 146 at BHC will receive elective credit only at SAU.
2. Prior to enrolling in CHEM 101, students must have completed one year of high school chemistry or CHEM 110 or MATH 112 or 118 or score 46 or above on the Compass College Algebra Test.
3. Students entering PHYS 101 must have completed MATH 112 or the equivalent.
4. **Will not count toward 300-level requirement.

St. Ambrose Contact
Physical Therapy Office
Phone: 563-333-6403

Black Hawk Contact
Mary Anne Dockery-Jackson

This guide is not intended to be a contract with SAU. The information of this guide is subject to change; students are advised to contact SAU to keep informed of changes. Final responsibility for verifying all transfer information lies with the student. Using this guide in conjunction with the BHC Catalog, the student will use to fulfill degree requirements. 

Updated: September, 2013