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Strategic Planning

Student Services Vision Statement

To engage each student in a journey toward holistic development and responsible citizenship.

Student Services Mission Statement

In support of the educational mission, the division of Student Services collaboratively seeks to enrich the holistic development of students by fostering personal growth, social responsibility, and a sense of community.

Strategic Planning Documents

All documents are .pdf files.

St. Ambrose University Student Affairs 2007-2012 Strategic Plan Executive Summary
St. Ambrose University Student Services 2007-2012 Strategic Plan
Association for Student Affairs at Catholic Colleges and Universities (ASACCU) Principles of Good Practice for Student Affairs
Student Learning Outcomes
Questions Every Ambrosian Should Be Able to Answer

Division Standards of Excellence*

  • All staff will understand, embrace, and work to implement the division and institutional missions.
  • The division will create, adopt, and implement a 5-year strategic plan, identifying annual objectives and goals to achieve this strategic vision.
  • Financial resources will be prioritized toward initiatives that further the division strategic plan and institutional mission.
  • All division program offerings will be designed to further the division student learning outcomes (Adopted August 2008).
  • The division will create an environment that allows for student access to and equitable support for the learning environment.
  • New staff will be consistently oriented to the division and to SAU via a standardized division checklist. The division will conduct annual training and development to improve overall effectiveness.
  • At all times, the division will promote stewardship of time and resources that furthers the institution, and our learning environment, as a whole.
  • Supervisory staff will provide leadership development opportunities. All staff will demonstrate effort to develop and utilize leadership skills for success.
  • Facilities and technology will be assessed and upgraded to maximize learning effectiveness and service delivery.
  • Staff will maintain awareness and understanding of and practice legal standard governing our work as educators and role models.
  • The division will promote and support a diverse learning environment that welcomes all. All staff will act in an ethical manner consistent with professional association standards
  • and University policy. Annual evaluation and assessment will be conducted to inform our work and decisions.

*Developed utilizing the Council on the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education guidelines outlined in the CAS Professional Standards for Higher Education manual, 6th edition.
Draft 08/04/09