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BeeCard - Student Identification

St. Ambrose students are expected to have their BeeCard (student ID) with them at all times. Your BeeCard will allow you to eat in the cafeteria, check materials out of the library, and gain access into your residence hall.

Many local businesses provide SAU students with discounts. A list of these can be obtained by contacting the Student Government Association.

When You Can Receive Your BeeCard

Below are the incoming terms and BeeCard release date according to the term:

Fall - Aug. 1
Spring - Jan. 1
Summer - May 1

For example, if you are a student entering in the Spring term, the earliest you will receive your BeeCard is Jan. 1.

  • Residential students will receive their BeeCards on the appropriate date from Residential Life staff.
  • All other students can pick up their cards at the BeeCard services desk inside the Dean of Students/Residence Life suite on the appropriate date.