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Emilee Renwick


Monmouth, Ill.

Public Relations and Journalism major
Reporter at KWQC-Highlight Zone
Social chair of Phi Eta Sigma
News editor of The Buzz
Senior intern at KALA-FM

Advice to Incoming Students

"Find those friends ... They will be your friends forever."

'Those Higher Education Moments'

It's a feeling, an awareness, that Emilee Renwick has encountered more than once in a St. Ambrose classroom.

You wouldn't call it déjà vu. Because, Emilee says, she really has been there before.

"It's kind of hard to describe," she says, "but, I'll be learning one thing in an English class and a couple of days later that same thing will pop up in my communication class. And then again a week later in my philosophy class."

Those are among the moments–be sure to note the plural, Emilee will tell you, because such moments have been many–when the honor student from a small western Illinois community knows St. Ambrose is exactly where she is supposed to be.

"It's a time where everything clicks together over several different fields of study," she says. "Everything falls into place. It's one of those higher education moments."

In her own words

What have you learned about yourself?

That I'm very independent. That I can be independent. If I need to, I can lock myself in my room and get stuff done. With the sense of community around me, I can indulge myself whenever I want because it's such a tight-knit campus community. If I need that help, I can go get it whenever.

What will surprise new students here?

That everyone usually is as friendly as the campus tour. We don't just bring out these nice people for campus tours. If you need anything, someone two feet away will help you find it, find your way, or go get it for you.

What will you tell your children about your college experience?

I would tell my children to make the most of it at every point. More than high school, college just whizzes by. Find those friends. They will make your college experience. It's nothing without friends. And they will be your friends forever.

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