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Prophetstown, Ill.

Majors in Business Management and Theology
Member of Student Government Association
Plays rugby

Message for Incoming Students

"You get a very hands-on experience at SAU that you can't get at a big school."

'College is Not For Sleeping'

Ethan Foltz found bookwork boring in high school. He is not bored at St. Ambrose.

"I have learned how seriously I take academics,'' he says. "College is not for sleeping. I spend 15 hours a week in the library now. I have also taken advantage of the Student Success Center for tutoring help with economics."

The more challenging the class, the more Foltz likes it. A Theology class with Professor Micah Kiel forced him to see pages of the Bible as more than black and white and taught him to think critically about what is inside it.

And his Micro-Economics class with Professor Ted Woodruff?

"Hardest class I've had," he says. "I studied for hours on end and spent a lot of time in Professor Woodruff's office. It was a tough class but it was also a fun class. Very interactive. Everyone was required to answer one question each class period."

Ethan found his answers. He earned a B in the class.

As for St. Ambrose? He gives it an A-plus. "I made the right choice," he says. "I love it here."

In His Own Words

What will surprise new students here?

How fast you can meet people at SAU, and how familiar you become with the campus only days after being here. Everyone is also so nice.

How do you make friends at SAU?

Get involved. Go to Club Fair. There are 50-plus clubs on campus, so there is bound to be something you are interested in being a part of. Sign up for as many activities as you can–this is a simple way to make new friends fast. You will also meet people with similar interests.

Why should parents want their children to come to SAU?

You get a very hands-on experience at SAU that you can't get at a big school. You get attention from professors who will even say hello to you outside of the classroom. You are not just a number at SAU.

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