First and Second Year Experience


Contacting students through MAP-Works

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Email a Student Through MAP-Works

1. Locate the student you wish to email from the STUDENT TRACKING screen. (The Student Tracking screen is available in the blue bar once you log-in to MAP-Works.)

2. Click once on your student's name and follow the drop-down menu to SEND AN EMAIL. Then, simply follow the prompts to send your email. The system will automatically "CC" you on all email messages that you send.

3. It is suggested that you log this activity by either using the QUICK LOG ACTIVITY option (cirlced below) or by clicking on LOG ACTIVITY, which will open up a new window.

quick log

Send a Mass Email

1. From the home screen, click "View Students" under the Non-Respondents section.

non-respondents screenshot

2. Check the box next to the word NAME in order to highlight all of your nonrespondents. This will allow you to send a mass email update to all of your non-respondents (they will be blind-copied). Then, click on it and you will be directed to a drop-down menu.