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Add Notes and Log Contacts

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Like many processes within MAP-Works, there are several methods for accomplishing the same task. A few methods of adding notes and logging contacts are listed below for your quick reference.

So what's the difference between logging a contact and making a note?

OPTION 1 - Add Note

Locate the student you wish to email from the STUDENT TRACKING screen. Click once on your student's name and follow the drop-down menu to CONTACTS/NOTES/ALERTS. Then, follow the menu to ADD NOTES or LOG

add note screenshot

OPTION 2 - Quick Log

You can also log activity by using the QUICK LOG ACTIVITY option or by formally logging your activity by clicking on the LOG ACTIVITY option (highlighted in yellow below), which will open up a new window.

quick log instructions

NOTE: If you make a Quick Log, go back and add comments to that log if you are adding notes. Do not create another log because this will cause duplication.

Logging a Contact vs. Making a Note

Logging a Contact: Allows Direct-Connect faculty/staff to record interaction with a student (i.e., in-person meeting, phone conversation, email received from student, etc.). All faculty/staff directly connected to a student will be able to view contacts. The contact will appear on their Faculty/Staff Home Page the next time they log into the system.

NOTES: There are two types of notes, shared and private. You can choose your note type from the drop-down list (pictured below)

Shared Notes: Allow faculty/staff who are directly connected to students to post information on a student's record for other Direct-Connects to view. All faculty/staff directly connected to a student will be able to view Shared Notes.

Private Notes: For the personal use of the individual Direct-Connect faculty/staff member. Only the person who creates a private note will be able to see it. Private notes are not seen by the campus coordinator or the student. However, everything you write about a student, private or not, is considered a "document." Do not write anything, even in private notes, that you would not be willing to share, if necessary, to pertinent campus or external sources.

private note screenshot

Sample phrases for sensitive topics:
The following are examples of how you can document a conversation about a sensitive topic without divulging information that you would not necessarily want to be part of the MAP-Works system. You will follow-up on your concerns and conversations by creating an alert. Next, let's talk about how to create an alert.
"Roommate issues"
"Issues at home"
"Personal issues"