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Add Notes and Log Contacts

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Like many processes within MAP-Works, there are several methods for accomplishing the same task. A few methods of adding notes and logging contacts are listed below for your quick reference.

So what's the difference between logging a contact and making a note?

OPTION 1 - Add Note

Locate the student you wish to email from the SEARCH box. Click once on your student's name and click Log a Contact. Then, follow the menu to ADD NOTES or LOG CONTACT.

Log a Note and contact









Create Note

















Create Contact

















Logging a Contact vs. Making a Note

Logging a Contact: Allows Campus Connection faculty/staff to record interaction with a student (i.e., in-person meeting, phone conversation, email received from student, etc.). All faculty/staff directly connected to a student will be able to view contacts. The contact will appear on their Faculty/Staff Home Page the next time they log into the system.

NOTES: There are two types of notes, shared and private. You can choose the type from the drop-down list (pictured below)

Shared Notes: Allow faculty/staff who are directly connected to students to post information on a student's record for other Campus Connections to view. All faculty/staff directly connected to a student will be able to view Shared Notes.

Private Notes: For the personal use of the individual Campus Connection faculty/staff member. Only the person who creates a private note will be able to see it. Private notes are not seen by the campus coordinator or the student. However, everything you write about a student, private or not, is considered a "document." Do not write anything, even in private notes, that you would not be willing to share, if necessary, to pertinent campus or external sources.

Public Contact

Sample phrases for sensitive topics:
The following are examples of how you can document a conversation about a sensitive topic without divulging information that you would not necessarily want to be part of the MAP-Works system. You will follow-up on your concerns and conversations by creating an alert. Next, let's talk about how to create an alert.
"Roommate issues"
"Issues at home"
"Personal issues"