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A referral promotes and creates communication between an advisor and another faculty/staff or campus resource. It's an action that brings specific attention to a particular student.

Reasons to create a referral could include, but are not limited to: a red flag concern, student issue outside of personal expertise, and attention to a student who might benefit from individual attention.

On this page, there are instructions on how to create, open a referral made to you, and close a referral.

Create a Referral

1. To create a referral, search for a student in the SEARCH box. A popout box will appear with more choices. Choose Activity, then Create Referral (shown below).

Creating a Referral

2. Follow the prompts on the Create Referral screen and click Create Referral.

Note: Interested Parties allows the person making the referral to include campus resources that aren't the primary referral but should have knowledge of the student's issue. Private Referrals can only be seen by the person creating the referral and the person to which it is designated. Public Referrals can only be seen by faculty and staff who are connected to the student in Mapworks.

Creating a Referral 2















Opening a Referral Made to You

If you are in a position to receive referrals, you should regularly check, respond, and close the referral.

1. To open a referral that was issued to you, follow the prompts on the Home screen and click View Referrals (illustrated below).

Open a Referral


Closing a Referral

If you are in a position to receive referrals, you should regularly check, respond and close the referral.

Once you have followed up with the referred student and added a related activity, you are able to Close the Referral by Marking the Referral Closed (illustrated below).

Close Referral

Closing the referral will then notify the original person who made the referral to you, as well as any previously designated "interested parties." The notification will not include any other information then "Your referral has now been closed by [your name]." This ensures privacy while allowing the referral issuer to know that you have followed up with the student and no other action needs to be taken.