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Skyfactor Mapworks® FAQ

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Q:  How are students assigned to me within Skyfactor Mapworks?

Students are assigned to a Campus Connection according to their Academic Advisor/New Student Seminar Instructor. They are also assigned to Campus Connections through their affiliation with the residence halls, athletic sports, or other student groups. Students may have more than one Campus Connection.

The great benefit of Skyfactor Mapworks is that Advisors and Hall Directors, for example, can view interactions among various Campus Connections. This helps provide a more comprehensive understanding of each student so that all areas of campus can work together for the benefit of our students.

Q:  What if one of my students isn't listed on my screen?

Contact Jessica Nash, Skyfactor Mapworks coordinator, so we can remedy the issue! 563-333-5828 or via E-mail at

Q:  Can you tell me more about the confidentiality of this system?

The data stored in the Skyfactor Mapworks system is secure, and although data can be extrapolated from the system by the proprietor (EBI) for statistical purposes, no identifying information is used. The information we gather is not part of our students' permanent record. All data is erased after the end of each fiscal year.

Q:  Will my notes be part of my student's permanent record?

No. Notes are simply an extension of a telephone conversation or email message. Notes can also be used as a reminder to yourself.

All notes, data, and identifying information that we gather are erased from the system after the end of each fiscal year. Students cannot view notes or contact logs. Please use the same discretion and judgment that you use when documenting anything about your interactions with individual students.

Q:  Is there anything I should or should not say to my student?

We suggest using the Talking Points within Skyfactor Mapworks to guide your student conversations.

For example, if a student's Talking Points indicate roommate issues, you could inquire about their living situation. If they are concerned about their grades, you could ask them if they've checked out the Student Success Center and talked to their professors. Most important, you should use discretion with the information you may have about a student's background characteristics (ACT, etc.). You know this information in order to have a complete picture of the student, but you would not mention their test score in a conversation with them.

Q:  What are the expectations of staff who use Syfactor Mapworks?

All users are part of the collaborative team that is in place to assist our students. Therefore, we strongly encourage all users to regularly review and update the system with pertinent information regarding the students within their groups.  Below is a general idea of when it might be appropriate to log activity within the Skyfactor Mapworks system.

After each advising appointment or meeting with a student:

  • If a student has a significant life change that may be pertinent to other advising or housing staff on campus
  • Don't just log the concerns, but acknowledge the positive changes as well! Let each other know when a student has overcome an obstacle!
  • Referrals may be appropriate if you have concerns that you want to highlight for other staff members. Referrals should not be used in place of a telephone call or other quickly needed intervention.


For more information, contact:
Jessica Nash