First and Second Year Experience


Managing Your Students

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There are several ways to manage your students. Comparing results from different surveys (as shown below) is helpful to measure progress.

You may also:

Comparing Survey Results

1. Once you've located the student through Search screen, click on SURVEY DASHBOARD.

Survey Dashboard

2. Click on one of the survey boxes to view previous surveys that the student has taken. Choose the survey that you would like to compare to the current survey.

3. Once you have selected a previous survey, your screen will change slightly (shown below) and new options will appear. Click on COMPARE button.

Survey Comparison

4. A wealth of information is now available to show how your student has progressed between surveys. To quickly see how surveys compare, you can view the CHANGE column at the far right. This column highlights a negative, positive, or no change. A legend is located at the top of the screen for your quick reference.

Survey Comparison 2