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First and Second Year Experience


Winter 2013 Newsletter


Winter Break is here! Your students are undoubtedly excited to come home to visit, but the last few months have been a transformational time for them. Perhaps they've gained a new sense of independence, changed something about themselves, or engaged in different behaviors (sleeping patterns, hobbies, skills, etc). We want to focus on adjustments and support in this issue of the Parent Newsletter. Ten Tips for Parents of College Students: How to Keep the Holidays Happy contains some helpful tips to help parents and students adjust and re-adjust to students returning home from college. Here are a few:

1. Discuss the "house rules" and how they might differ from what the student has experienced in the past four months.
2. Give students time to catch up with high school friends, and establish family time. Students may also need time to be alone, exercise, or just go to another room to read. Give yourself and your student space.
3. Have realistic expectations about the visit. Enjoy it, but do not expect a magical visit simply because your student has been away at college.

Adjusting to College

College is often a new, fun, exciting time for students, but they have probably learned that it can also be very stressful. The Transition to College: Separation and Change for Parents and Students and Making the Transition to College: A Guide for Parents are both helpful resources during the college adjustment process.

First-year students have a lot of new programs and resources presented to them in the first semester of college. Take time over the break to find out what he or she got involved in and how they might take advantage of resources and programs to make Spring semester even better.

St. Ambrose offers a number of activities, programs, and resources to help during the adjustment to college. Getting involved in Student Activities helps students meet new people and find new hobbies. Intramurals and club sports are another great way for students to get involved. The Student Success Center offers services such as tutoring, study groups, and supplemental instruction. This is a great resource for every student. Staff at the Counseling Center are also available if your student has any personal issues, conflicts, or concerns. Encourage your student to take advantage of these resources (and more) at St. Ambrose. The St. Ambrose community wants to help every student be as successful as they can be.

Looking Ahead to Spring Semester...

All SAU students must verify their Spring semester enrollment. Records and Registration mailed a hard copy letter to all students enrolled Fall semester. If your student did not return his/her enrollment verification before leaving campus, here is an online option.

Get Connected!

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Important dates to remember:

Monday, January 13: Residence halls open
Wednesday, January 15: Spring semester classes begin
Monday, January 20: Martin Luther King Holiday - No classes
Wednesday, January 29: Last day to change class schedule

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