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First and Second Year Experience


Health and Safety

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Campus Security

The Safety & Security Office strives to create and maintain an environment conducive to the educational mission of the university. This is achieved through proactive educational programming, crime prevention, intervention, and increasing crime awareness among members of the university community.

Alcohol and Drug Policy and Prevention

St. Ambrose University advocates that all students, faculty, and staff - if they choose to use - consume alcohol and other drugs in a safe, healthy responsible, and legal manner.

St. Ambrose University recognizes that students may choose to consume alcohol. However, the University takes seriously the issue of alcohol use and abuse as these behaviors can interfere with an individual's ability to succeed in college both in and out of the classroom.

Counseling Center

The St. Ambrose University Counseling Center provides individual (personal) and group counseling to students. The center provides a confidential, supportive, and collaborative environment for open discussion of personal issues.

Health Services

Health Services is staffed by a registered nurse who provides care for students and employees. These confidential services are free of charge. The nurse assesses the health needs of clients and makes appropriate referrals whenever necessary. They also provide information on necessary vaccines before coming to campus.


Relationship Violence Policy

The University strives to allow students to live in a campus community free of sexually intimidating circumstances. St. Ambrose University strictly prohibits and will not tolerate any act of sexual violence. St. Ambrose University will treat sexual violence survivors and the accused offenders with respect and make their rights and options clear.

Accessibility Resource Center

Students with disabilities may use a variety of services or reasonable accommodations intended to reduce the effects that a disability may have on their performance in a traditional academic setting. Services do not lower course standards or alter degree requirements but instead give students a better chance to demonstrate their academic abilities.


At St. Ambrose University, we not only strive to ensure that your student has a smooth transition into college life as an Ambrosian, but we also extend resources to help you as a parent to transition as well. We hope that the suggested reading serves as another resource of additional support, advice, and guidance during this time.

Student Affairs