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First and Second Year Experience



playing frisbee

College life opens new and exciting opportunities for young adults. For some, it is the first time away from home, and one is free to make their own choices. No more having to eat mom's one course entrée meal because the college meal plan offers a food buffet. The food choices seem to be limitless. Weight gain has never been an issue in life, so there is no need to worry now. Right? Ever heard of the Freshman 15?

Weight gain due to changes in eating habits during your first weeks at college doesn't have to be a sure-thing. Join an intramural sport, group fitness class, or take advantage of the cardio equipment located in the residence halls and Lee Lohman Arena. Visit the Wellness and Recreation Wellness page for more ways to stay physically healthy.

In addition to working out, remember proper nutrition. Add those additional fruits and vegetables to your lunch and dinner plate. In addition to fitness and proper nutrition, contact Nurse Nancy in Health Services if you're feeling ill, and if you want someone to talk to, the Counseling Center is free and confidential. 

Maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle is just one way toward successful years at college.