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First and Second Year Experience


New Student Seminar

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The purpose of New Student Seminar is to help new students make a successful academic, personal, and social transition to St. Ambrose University.

This course aims to instill in SAU students a sense of academic community; effectively convey the expectations of being a college student in the liberal arts tradition; facilitate thoughtful exploration of interests, majors, and careers; and expose students to educationally purposeful activities in and out of the classroom.

Seminar Goals and Outcomes

  1. Promote Academic Success. Upon completion of NSS, students will be able to:
    a. Explain the expectations of being a member of an academic community;
    b. Identify effective and appropriate strategies for engaging in lectures, collaborative projects, and individual assignments;
    c. Demonstrate an understanding of the liberal arts tradition.
  2. Help Students Develop a Social and Personal Connection to SAU. Upon completion of NSS, students will be able to:
    a. Identify ways to get involved in co-curricular activities to enhance their classroom experience;
    b. Describe what it means to be an "Ambrosian" in the context of our mission, history, traditions, and campus culture;
    c. Recognize appropriate campus resources to support their movement from autonomy toward interdependence.
  3. Facilitate Thoughtful Exploration of Interests, Majors, and Careers. Upon completion of NSS, students will be able to:
    a. Articulate their personal and academic interests;
    b. Connect their interests and abilities to appropriate major and/or career choices;
    c. Plan a four-year curriculum, using Beeline, advising, and faculty input;
  4. Instructors can also develop a fourth goal, based on their expertise and interests. Examples: Diversity, leadership, or the Learning Community focus/discipline, if applicable.