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First and Second Year Experience


A variety of individuals and departments come together at St. Ambrose University to serve students through the design of high impact educational practices.

The following individuals work together to provide strong programming for both first and second year students at St. Ambrose University.

Retention Committee – Merredyth McManus, Director of Retention
First Alert Committee – Merredyth McManus, Director of Retention
Parent Engagement – Betsy Fisher, Coordinator Parent Programming
Orientation Committee – Jill Beinborn, Director of Orientation
Student Planning Software – Jill Beinborn, Director of Advising
Service Learning – Paula McNutt, Dean of College of Arts & Sciences
FSYE Leadership and Coordination – Tracy Schuster-Matlock, Dean of University Academic Programs
FSYE Surveying and Data Collection – Tracy Schuster-Matlock, Office of Assessment & Institutional Research
Welcome Week – Jason Richter, Director of Student Engagement
Learning Communities – Maureen Baldwin, Dean of Student Academic Services
First Book – Nancy Hayes, Chair English Department