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Graduates of St. Ambrose University will
  • Develop fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to flourish in a rapidly changing world. (Fundamental Skills and Knowledge)
  • Develop competencies that produce Liberal Arts perspectives in order to influence culture. (Liberal Arts Perspectives)
  • Evaluate truth claims derived from Philosophy and Theology in order to scrutinize the relationship between faith and reason. (Catholic Intellectual Tradition)
  • Critically explore complex issues using knowledge and skills from the liberal arts and catholic intellectual tradition. (Integrative Learning)


OUTCOME ONE will be addressed by students demonstrating competency in critical thinking, teamwork, globalization, diversity, especially through such fundamental skills and knowledge as: oral and written communication, research, quantitative reasoning, , health, creative expression, and 2nd language.
OUTCOME TWO will be addressed by students examining the global richness of the liberal arts, including the natural sciences, the arts, the social sciences, and the humanities.
OUTCOME THREE will be addressed by students reflecting on the core truth claims and spiritual and ethical values derived from philosophy and theology especially in the Catholic intellectual tradition, including diversity, justice, peace, and service.
OUTCOME FOUR will be addressed by students integrating these various dimensions of a signature Ambrose education through signature integration concentrations, interdisciplinary minors, 2nd majors in Economics or the Arts and Sciences, or participation in Honors I.