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Signature Integrated Learning

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All students will demonstrate integrated learning by designing their General Education curriculum of studies in such a way that courses cohere in the form of a ‘signature' concentration, an interdisciplinary minor, or a second major.

Students enrolled in the Honors Program or in the Teacher Education program will meet this outcome by completing their course of studies in those programs. Careful and thoughtful advising very early in the student's academic career is vital.

Students must critically explore complex issues using knowledge and skills from the liberal arts and the catholic intellectual tradition.

Students will begin to address this outcome by completing one of the following:

A. Signature Integration Concentration (12 credits) consisting of:

  • At least 12 credits from the Liberal Arts and Catholic Intellectual tradition
  • 3 different academic departments in the Liberal Arts and/or Catholic Intellectual Tradition, including the option of substituting experiential learning for 3 credits
  • At least 1 course at the 300 level
  • A capstone 'Integration Experience'
  • SIC applications will be reviewed for approval within 30 days of submission if received by these dates FALL: Sept. 1, Nov. 15; SPRING: Feb. 15, April 15.
  • Capstone evaluations will be reviewed for approval within 3 days of submission if received by these dates FALL: Sept. 1, Nov. 15, Friday of final exam week; SPRING: Feb. 15, April 15, Friday of final exam week

B. Complete a second major in Economics or any department of the College of Arts and Sciences.

C. Interdisciplinary Minor, (min. 15 credits) consisting of:

  • An existing Interdisciplinary Minor of at least 15 credits or
  • Individualized Interdisciplinary Minor (contact the Director of General Education or the Registrar for further information).

D. (By invitation only) Honors Program Level I (13 credits), consisting of:

  • HON 101: World of Ideas; HON 102: The Life of the Mind; SVLN 201: Service Learning; HON 112: Speaker's Series and; HON 201: Special Topics in Honors.